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Here are five easy DIY ideas for Christmas tree!

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Christmas is round the corner and the celebrations and decorations have begun already. It is that one festival that is celebrated by everyone with utmost enthusiasm and zeal irrespective of any caste. Christmas is a happy-go-lucky festival most celebrated in the western regions but widely accepted in India as well. This season calls for Christmas decorative including the most important ‘Christmas Tree’.

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There are many who prefer to buy Christmas tree from the market but it is much more fun when you do it yourself and the easiest ways of making a beautiful Christmas tree at home with waste material mostly.

Here are five DIY ways to make the same:-

1. Broccoli Salad Christmas Tree- This would definitely sound weird but eatables turn out to be extremely helpful in making the tree.

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2. Button Christmas Tree- Buttons can also come to your rescue while finding the easiest way to make the Christmas tree in less time.

3. Egg Carton Christmas Tree- Do not throw your egg boxes from now on it might help you make an extremely satisfactory Christmas tree.

4. Wine Cork Christmas Tree- The cork of empty bottles of wine can help you make the best out of waste.

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5. Newspaper Christmas Tree- Papers will be the most easiest way to make the tree.

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