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Here are reasons why ‘You don’t need a guy to be happy’

By Team Pardaphash 
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Even our favorite Disney princesses “Cinderella and Rupunzel never asked for a prince charming, where one asked for a dress and a night out”, other asked to “explore the world, and not just through a window”, teaching us of our self worth, and that we need to recognize our virtue and intrinsic beauty contradicting our dependency on a man to attain fulfillment.

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Bow down to no one: If a relationship demands you to satisfy other person’s ego, know that you always have an option of walking away. remember you are a empress and you need to stand with your head held high and tiara straight, don’t forget to embrace your quirks and attain the gifts you have been granted.

Don’t chase the looser: don’t let that chirp inside you die, running behind someone who doesn’t have guts to hold on to you for a lifetime.

You deserve best: All fabled violins playing in the air with the swift wind blowing in the background will suddenly start making sense the moment you will fall in love with the person who will love you beyond all odds. Till then don’t settle for the rest.

Success lasts longer: They say “success is the best revenge”, I say the moment you attain it you don’t need to think about dorks you’ve left far behind.

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Someone loves you for eternity: this certainly cannot go wrong with your parents beside you even when every other person chose to walk away. Just remember them and their altruistic love for you.

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