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Here are the reasons why you are addicted to your smartphones!

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Smartphone is the basic need of today’s people in the entire world and maximum number of people relies on their smartphones for their day to day work. With increasing changes in the technology, smartphones have become the need of the hour and people cannot imagine their life without phones.

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Not only adults but children of 4 years to older ones, each one is addicted to their phones and the basic reason of some people’s addiction is that they are less emotionally stable and with the help of smartphone they are trying to overcome their depression.

While talking about the matter, Zaheer Hussain, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby in Britain went on to say: “Problematic smartphone use is more complex than previously thought and our research has highlighted the interplay of various psychological factors in the study of smartphone use.”
Hussain further added: “This is because people may be experiencing problems in their lives such as stress, anxiety, depression, family problems, so in that state they are emotionally unstable, meaning they may seek respite in very excessive smartphone use. This is worrying.”

“They may be engaging in passive social network use, where you spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, browsing other peoples’ comments, pictures, and posts, and not posting anything of your own and not engaging in discussion with others, so there is no real positive social interaction while social networking,” Hussain noted.

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