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Here are the symptoms, effects and causes of Sepsis!

By Team Pardaphash 
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First of all very few people know what is the meaning of Sepsis and the knowledge about the disease is unknown to many people. Sepsis is a disease caused by bacterial infections which directly attacks the body’s immunity and may lead to organ failure.

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Sepsis is primarily caused by bacterial infections. While other infections can trigger sepsis further, it is mainly caused by infections like pneumonia, kidney infection blood infection and abdominal infection. Sepsis infections are more common in elderly people and those with a weak immune system.

Early symptoms of sepsis include high fever (above 101 degree Fahrenheit), heart rate higher than 90 beats per minute and increased rate of breath (more than 20 breaths per minute). Severe sepsis has symptoms like decrease in platelet count, stomach ache, discoloured skin and a significant decrease in the urine output. This when combined with extreme low blood pressure is a symptom of septic shock.

Sepsis is a life threatening disease. Mild cases can make a full recovery but cases of septic shock have a 50 percent mortality rate. Other complications include small blood clots in the body which block blood and oxygen supply to vital organs causing them to fail.

Thanks to the breakthrough by Dr. Pinaki, there is now a formidable therapy to battle sepsis. According to a report in “The Hindu”, the Odia doctor’s therapy reduces the risk of sepsis infection by 40% in trials and it can be inexpensive — less than one dollar for a course. This means that it may well become an easily available solution to cure the life-threatening disease. The therapy works on the simple principle that infants are fed with good bacteria which combats the bad bacteria. Dr. Panigrahi has led the research to find a cure for sepsis since 2008 and is happy with the present outcome.

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