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Here is the complete Astrology for 15-21 October 2018

By Team Pardaphash 
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Here is the complete Astrology for 15-21 October 2018 by Joanne Madeline Moore

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ARIES [March 21-April 20]
A romantic or platonic relationship could be strained as Mercury, Mars and retrograde Venus regurgitate an unpleasant problem or an unresolved issue from the past returns. The worst way to deal with it? With an arrogant attitude and an unforgiving heart. The best way to handle it? With an abundance of patience and diplomacy! Be inspired by the wise words of writer-activist (and fellow Aries) Maya Angelou. “It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive.”

TAURUS [April 21-May 21]
Are your dreams achievable? Or are you being unrealistic about a project that’s due to be completed? Perhaps you need to get others on board and delegate more? If you think creatively, work hard and capitalize on your group connections, then you’ll eventually taste success. Communication is emphasized (especially with loved ones) so expect plenty of phone calls, texts, tweets and emails. But avoid saying something rash to a stressed friend or colleague on Friday.

GEMINI [May 22-June 21]
Your wonderfully witty side could blossom, as you brainstorm ideas and amaze others with your quick-witted quips and clever comments. But – if you are too hasty – then you could put your foot firmly in your mouth. Plus, when it comes to a relationship issue, are you desperately trying to fix a frustrating situation? Prepare for some resistance from others (especially a colleague or friend). Quick-fixes won’t work. Instead, you need to slow down and think things through.

CANCER [June 22-July 23]
The planets push your insecurity button, which will activate your protective Crab claws. But you’ll find the more defensive you are (and the more resistant you are to change) the more exhausted you’ll feel and the more difficult the week will be. So strive to get the balance right between maintaining the status quo (with things that are working), and changing the aspects of your life that aren’t functioning well. A close relationship certainly needs to be re-evaluated and renewed.

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LEO [July 24-Aug 23]
This week Venus is in retrograde motion plus Mercury and Mars aggravate fiery tempers and poor communication. Which could lead to triple trouble in matters of the heart! So prepare for some domestic dramas or relationship hassles. Perhaps a family problem re-surfaces or an-ex-lover suddenly reappears? (But do you really want to do that complicated dance again?) On Friday night, make sure you tune into the wise and magical wonderland that resides in your dreams.

VIRGO [Aug 24-Sep 23]
Creativity is highlighted but don’t be deterred by ongoing challenges. Hard work and calm consultation will take you far! When it comes to work, a study project or a social media matter, you have the potential to achieve success but it won’t come without plenty of elbow grease on your part. And avoid over-reacting on Friday. Criticising others (or blurting out the first thing that comes into your head) is a recipe for trouble. So bite your tongue, sit tight, and bide your time.

LIBRA [Sep 24-Oct 23]
What a wonky week for partnerships of the romantic and platonic kind! With Venus (your ruling planet) retrograde plus Mercury and Mars creating mischief, relationships won’t run smoothly. So do your best to communicate calmly and clearly – as you put out interpersonal spot-fires along the way. Attached Librans – angry words could create some distance between you and your partner. Singles – a promising date could turn out to be a thoroughly disappointing dud.

SCORPIO [Oct 24-Nov 22]
With Venus reversing through your sign, it’s time to rethink your approach to a personal problem. (And don’t underestimate the power of your intuition to point you in the right direction.) Talking things over with a trusted friend will also help you view the situation from a creative new perspective. On Friday you’re impatient to say exactly what’s on your mind. But your words could inflame a sensitive situation, so press pause and think things through before you speak!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 23-Dec 21]
Many people will be particularly over-sensitive and over-reactive this week. So it would be best to keep idiosyncratic ideas and controversial comments to yourself. Plus avoid getting drawn into petty arguments and pointless debates (especially online). Money matters also look complicated, as abundance planet Venus is in retrograde mode until November 16. So hold off making important business decisions and momentous financial moves until a more suitable time.

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CAPRICORN [Dec 22-Jan 20]
Venus (planet of love and friendship) is retrograde. So this week you may feel as if you’re going backwards with your partner or peer group. And be careful that your perfectionist streak doesn’t get out of control! The more you try to make things and situations and people ‘perfect’ (including yourself) the more you’ll attract push-back from others. So do your best to focus on the process rather than the outcome; and the journey rather than the destination.

AQUARIUS [Jan 21-Feb 19]
Procrastination is out and being passionately proactive is in, as you make the most of Mars charging through your sign. So get motivated, initiate ideas and walk your talk. Just make sure you get the balance right between thinking things through and taking action. With Venus retrograde, there will be frustrating problems along the way (especially involving a boss, colleague, client or customer). But there are no excuses for inaction. Nothing ventured; nothing gained!

PISCES [Feb 20-March 20]
Your imagination, creativity and intuition are firing. But the lines between fact and fantasy could easily become blurred so it’s not a good time to make important decisions (especially involving love, work or money). Be a patient Fish and wait. And avoid brooding over your mistakes and worrying about the past. Regrets will get you nowhere. So your motto is from writer-illustrator (and fellow Piscean) Dr Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”


Joanne Madeline Moore has a special connection with India, as her grandfather was born in Lucknow. She has been a professional astrologer and writer for over 20 years. Her horoscope columns are currently published in over 40 newspapers and magazines (and on websites) in Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. You can also read her daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes (and her celebrity astrology blog) on her website at http://bohoastro.com/

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