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Here is your horoscope for today!


By wasmulhaq 
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October 3-9, 2022  


Harmonious partnerships and creative coupledom are highlighted as the Full Moon and Jupiter (in Aries) plus the Sun and Venus (in Libra) rev up relationships and joint ventures. If you combine diplomacy with dynamism (and Ram charm with a sense of adventure) then youll sail through challenges. Balance is the key. Your motto is from actress Claire Danes (who has Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra) Relationships are a constant negotiation and balance.


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Expect a rather intense week as the fiery Full Moon stirs up inner compulsions, submerged secrets or hidden resentments. You could also become obsessed about someone from your complicated past. If you’re a bright Bull, you’ll learn from your mistakes, let go and move on. Inspiration for the week is from actress Kate Winslet (who turns 47 on Wednesday), “The good and bad things are what form us as people … change makes us grow.”


This week the Full Moon focus is on friendships. How to nurture them, keep them  and then let them go if you have outgrown each other. Youll find mutual interests are essential to long-term platonic relationships. Attached Twins  stop being scatterbrained and superficial! Mercury (your patron planet) is moving forwards again, so your sweetheart is looking to you for some sensible and balanced advice. Singles – love and friendship are linked.


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Are you making the most of your mind? With Pluto and Mercury (which is now direct) activating your communication zone, detailed research and strategic thinking will take you far. Courtesy of the Full Moon, it’s a good week to increase your public profile, complete a professional project, give a speech, launch a website or start a social media campaign. But dont underestimate the hard work and patience it will take to keep the wheels of progress turning.


The Full Moon and Jupiter rev up your gypsy gene and activate your adventure zone. So its a good time to escape somewhere special, whether its a much anticipated holiday or a spontaneous weekend getaway. With Mercury moving forwards in your money zone, dont let fleeting whims and luxury fever get in the way of long-term financial planning. Your motto is from fellow Leo, artist Andy Warhol Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.


Mercury is moving forwards in your sign so communication, travel and relationships should all start to improve. But the big lesson to learn is how to diversify and delegate. No one (not even a super effective Virgo) is indispensable. And expect some dramatic developments to do with lust or loot, as the Full Moon stimulates your sex and money zone. Single? It could be difficult to differentiate between a dream date and a disappointing dud so tread carefully.


Expect some relationship rumbles, as the Full Moon stimulates your partnership zone. Singles  look for love with an amorous Aries or an adventurous Aquarius (but dont let them walk all over you). If you’re attached, now is the time to stand up for what you believe in. Otherwise your proactive partner could take the reins and ride the relationship in the direction and manner they prefer, with little input from you. A shared vision is vital for romantic longevity.


You have strong likes and dislikes, and you dont do things by halves. Especially when theres a Full Moon! You love to call the shots and be in control, but youll find another c word  cooperation  will get you a lot further, with less tantrums and tears. Positive Pluto aspects promise group activities, intense communication and powerful conversations. Dont overthink things though! As Bill Gates (a fellow Scorpio) says Often you have to rely on intuition.


The Full Moon and Jupiter light up your drama zone so expect a week of extremes – everything from passion and flamboyance to arguments and dummy-spits. A troubled teenager or a feisty friend could push your buttons. So try to keep your composure, and dont give them the satisfaction of a response! Professional projects are favoured  as long as you dont be a Sagittarian smart-aleck. Listen to the wise advice of a trusted colleague, teacher or mentor.


The Suns visiting your career zone, which boosts your ambitious streak. Youre keen to get ahead but dont trample over others on your climb to the top! Aim to get the balance right between your personal and professional lives. Relationships will be complicated this week when passion is combined with power plays, and romance is coupled with responsibility. So expect some domestic dramas, as the Full Moon triggers prima donna moments or a family fiasco.


Its a good week to expand your world via exciting local friendships and international contacts. If you link up with like-minded people, then it will open up new doors of opportunity. But be careful what you post online, as a casual comment could lead to controversy. And expect the sparks to fly on Sunday when the Full Moon and Jupiter fire up your adventurous, spontaneous side. If you must be rebellious, then aim to be a rebel with a worthy cause.


With Mercury moving forwards in your partnership zone, youll feel more motivated to sort out relationship problems than at other times. And you have a good chance of success, especially if you are proactive about finding solutions and are prepared to compromise. But money matters could come to a head on the weekend when the Full Moon lights up your financial zone. Maybe its time to boost your cash flow or re-design your dreams?

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