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Here is your horoscope for today!

MOORE WEEKLY STARS, October 17-23, 2022     

By wasmulhaq 
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October 17-23, 2022     


On Monday and Tuesday you’ll feel creative and motivated, as the Sun and Mars activate your Aries mojo. But there’s the potential for explosive Sun-Pluto power struggles mid-week (with an authority figure, work colleague or loved one). So calm down and try to communicate with extra care and diplomacy, otherwise you could over-react and do or say something you later regret! Strive to be uncharacteristically patient, as you make frustration your friend.


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Mid-week looks eventful, as the Venus/Pluto square stirs up trouble. A double dose of diplomacy is required if you want to keep the peace. Then the focus is on friendships. How to nurture them, keep them  and then let them go if you have outgrown each other. Youll find enjoyable mutual interests are essential to long-term platonic relationships. An old friend could also be the final piece of the puzzle as you follow the path to your true destiny.


Your wonderfully witty side could blossom, as you brainstorm ideas and amaze others with your quick-witted quips and clever comments. But  if you are too hasty  then you could put your foot firmly in your mouth. When it comes to a relationship issue, are you desperately trying to fix a frustrating situation? Prepare for some resistance from others (especially a friend or colleague). Quick fixes wont work. You need to slow down and think things through.


Pluto pushes your insecurity button, which could activate your protective Crab claws. But the more defensive you are (and the more resistant you are to change) the more exhausted youll feel and the more difficult the week will be. Try to get the balance right between maintaining the status quo (with things that are working) and changing the aspects of your life that arent functioning well. A close relationship certainly needs to be reviewed and renewed.

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Mid-week, there’s a challenging connection between Pluto and the Sun. So try to avoid family squabbles, online arguments and run-ins with authority figures. If you are the person in charge, then resist the urge to be bossy and over-bearing. Behaving like a demanding Diva will get you nowhere fast! Try to be extra patient which is not one of your natural virtues. For some lucky Leos, Venus blesses a community project or a joint venture on the weekend.


Dont be deterred by challenges. Hard work and calm consultation will take you far! When it comes to work, a study project or a social media matter, you have the potential to achieve success, but it wont come without plenty of elbow grease on your part. And avoid over-reacting Virgo! Criticising others (or blurting out the first thing that comes into your head) is a recipe for trouble. Saturn encourages you to bite your tongue, sit tight, and bide your time.


This week Venus (your power planet) trines Mars and pairs up with the Sun, which favours flirtatious encounters, romantic adventures and long-term friendships. But negotiations will be tricky, and possessiveness and jealousy could rear their ugly heads. So slap on a diplomatic smile and share the love around. As Libran birthday great Carrie Fisher observed, ““Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.

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The Sun and Venus are at odds with powerful Pluto (your patron planet) mid-week, which boosts your temperamental streak and your Scorpio control-freak tendencies. And you could feel like you’re stuck in a self-sabotaging rut or even going backwards. You’ll find the more stubborn you are, the more challenging the week will be. Birthday great Tom Petty may sing “I won’t back down” but you need to keep your options open and try to be much more flexible.


Are your dreams achievable? Are you being unrealistic about a project thats due to be completed? Perhaps you need to be more proactive, get others on board and learn to delegate? If you think creatively, work hard and capitalise on your group connections, then youll eventually taste success. Communication is emphasised, so expect plenty of phone calls, texts, tweets and emails. But avoid getting drawn into an argument about friends or finances.


With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all transiting through your career zone, it will be easier to sort out workplace problems than at other times. Especially if you articulate your thoughts and are prepared to compromise. A stressed colleague is hoping you can provide some astute advice and a helping hand. Single Capricorns  love and work are linked in dynamic ways. The weekend is good for mental focus, long-term planning and clever problem-solving.


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Are you making the most of your quirky Aquarian mind? With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all visiting your philosophy zone, you have the ability to affect others deeply with your controversial ideas, expansive views and progressive values. Education, foreign travel, social media and local community connections are also favoured. But beware the tendency to self-sabotage. The only person who’s likely to undermine your efforts this week is you!


This week emotions are murky and still waters run deep! With the Sun and Venus visiting your mystery zone (and squaring Pluto) theres more to everything than meets the eye. And it will take your Piscean perception  and substantial detective skills  to uncover secrets and distinguish fact from fantasy. Resist the urge to be drawn into playing power games with others. Mid-week favours sharing secrets, family functions and romantic rendezvous.

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