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Here is your horoscope for today! 

MOORE WEEKLY STARS , November 7-13, 2022    

By wasmulhaq 
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November 7-13, 2022    


Finances, joint ventures, secret deals and trust issues are on the table. But dont spoil a potentially productive week by being gung-ho and reckless (especially on Wednesday). Slow down, think before you speak and consult with loved ones and colleagues before you make any important moves. Tuesdays Lunar Eclipse highlights hiccups in your financial management. Strive to be less impulsive and extravagant, and more cautious with cash and credit.


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This week’s Lunar Eclipse (in your sign) emphasises your practical side. So do your best to handle current situations in a suitably sensible and pragmatic fashion. When it comes to a romance, work partnership or joint venture, avoid getting stuck in a boring rut. Innovative Uranus pushes you to find creative ways to express yourself personally and within relationships. But dont believe everything you hear! Keep your Bulldust Detector switched onto high.


With the help of the Lunar Eclipse, use the power of your fertile imagination and trusty intuition to get to the bottom of a problem thats been bothering you. If you listen to the wisdom of your inner voice (and pay attention to the symbolism in your dreams) it will point you in the right direction. Youre also keen to communicate creatively with work colleagues or do a favour for a close friend. But don’t get carried away and promise more than you can deliver. 


The silvery, changeable Moon is your power planet, and many sensitive Crabs feel emotionally volatile and vulnerable around the time of the Full Moon. Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse is in earthy Taurus, when you’ll feel more grounded (and less moody) than usual. But Saturn and Uranus could disrupt a relationship. So try to be extra careful and consistent in the way you communicate with others (especially children, teenagers, colleagues and close friends).

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Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are transiting through your partnership zones. So accept extra relationship responsibilities with grace and good humour, as you show other people what you are really capable of. But – courtesy of the Uranus opposition and the Saturn square – expect some disruptions and dilemmas at home and/or work. Things will gradually settle down if you choose diplomacy over drama, encouragement over criticism and acceptance over judgement. 


Are your aspirations ambitious enough? This week theres no room for false Virgo modesty or passive procrastination! The planets stimulate your thought processes and encourage you to come up with a cracking plan and stick to it. Begin with a dream and then work hard to make it a robust reality. But remember mighty Mars is reversing through your career and life direction zone (until January 12) so you’ll have to be extra patient and persistent.


Stylishly elegant Librans appreciate quality and luxury, but dont overdo it or youll end up being the most beautiful bankrupt on the block! This week Saturn, Uranus and the Lunar Eclipse all stir up your money and self-esteem zones. So its time to get your finances in order, and be true to the authentic you. Sunday is the best day of the week, when Venus (your patron planet) and Pluto turbo-charge love, passion, pleasure and play (especially at home).

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If you stir up grievances with an old adversary, you could find youve bitten off more than you can comfortably chew! When it comes to a frustrating problem, avoid quick fixes. Youll find a satisfactory solution if you act on your hunches and look for the facts that are hidden beneath the surface. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all visiting your sign. So confidence is in and complacency is out, as you go after what you want with passion, purpose and pizazz. 


Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse highlights your daily routine and relationships with work colleagues but expect some surprising developments and stressful moments. Resist the urge to be argumentative, extravagant and super self-indulgent. Try to ground your fiery energy and calm your mind. Some meditation, contemplation, yoga, chanting or Tai Chi could be just what the doctor ordered! The weekend stars encourage intense relationships and creative family projects.


The Lunar Eclipse shines a bright (and sometimes unforgiving) spotlight on partnerships of the romantic, platonic, business and family variety. You are entering a period of nurturing old relationships and establishing new ones. So its time to focus on friendship, shared hobbies and joint ventures. As birthday great Robert Louis Stevenson observed, A friend is a gift you give yourself. But tread carefully when it comes to group activities and financial matters.


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This week’s stars could stir up your restless and reckless side, as you unleash your Inner Rebel. (Try to do so in appropriate ways that dont upset loved ones, antagonise authority figures or endanger your personal safety!) A professional or personal challenge could also test your mettle. Aim to approach problems with a fresh perspective. Be inspired by singer-songwriter Neil Young (who turns 77 on Saturday) “One new feature or fresh take can change everything.”


Hidden tensions could bubble to the surface with a relative, neighbour or colleague. Be extra diplomatic and try not to take criticism personally. Social media is also a potential minefield, as the planets stir up your communication zone. So be careful you dont send the wrong message to the wrong person at the wrong time! Heed the wise words of birthday great Joni Mitchell, “There are things to confess that enrich the world, and things that need not be said.”

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