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Here is your horoscope for today!

By wasmulhaq 
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JUNE 6-12, 2022       


Mighty Mars (your patron planet) and Jupiter are both jumping through your sign. So have the courage and confidence to be the real, authentic you. Draw inspiration from movie star (and birthday great) Judy Garland, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” The Venus/Uranus conjunction (on the weekend) will boost your self-esteem, as you view yourself through a less critical and more accepting filter.


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Venus, Mercury and Uranus are visiting your sign, which enhances your Taurus charisma … and you’ll need every drop of it! People will be unpredictable, so power up your communication skills and turn the charm factor up to 10. And do you have to make an important professional decision? Saturn is slowing proceedings so be patient and wait for a more opportune time. The weekend is wonderful for love-at-first-sight, bohemian fashion and quirky projects.


Hey Twins – this week the two sides of your personality will be on show for everyone to see! With the Sun in your sign, you’re keen to communicate and circulate. However – with Mercury, Venus and Uranus visiting your solitude zone – you also require plenty of time to spend on your own as you relax and regenerate from within. So try to balance socialising with contemplation and meditation. Friday favours intense thoughts and powerful conversations.


You’re keen to retreat into your Crab cave as the Sun visits your contemplation zone. So solo activities like meditation and yoga are favoured. But a close relationship could veer off-course and shake you out of any sense of complacency. Your inner voice will help you to navigate your way back home. Be inspired by Princess Diana (who had Sun in intuitive Cancer and Moon in rebellious Aquarius). “I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart, not the head.”

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Leos are creative creatures with fiery, fertile imaginations. And – with Mercury, Venus and Uranus transiting through your career zone – it’s time to show the world how creatively fabulous you can be. So this week, dig deep, connect with your inner muse and express yourself! Be inspired by music icon (and birthday great) Prince. “To create something from nothing is one of the greatest feelings, and … I wish it upon everybody. It’s heaven.”


Virgos are certainly clever and capable. The question is – are you confident enough for big time success? The Sun’s shining in your career zone, but you won’t get ahead if you waste time making mountains out of molehills. Networking is favoured, as you expand your international connections. A wonderful opportunity is heading in your direction, but you must grab it when it appears or it will pass you by. So stop over-thinking things and instead, start doing! 


The week starts with gung-ho Mars and adventurous Jupiter jumping through your relationship zone. So proactive partnerships and exciting joint ventures are favoured, as you spark ideas off each other. Then – courtesy of the Venus/Uranus hook up – you’ll find love, passion, friends and/or finances will become increasingly unpredictable. So hold onto your hat, expect the unexpected and prepare for a wild ride this weekend! Life certainly won’t be boring.

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This week Mercury and Pluto boost your business brain, as you feel more positive about your financial and professional future. But resist the urge to be precious about possessions and possessive of loved ones. Give family and friends plenty of freedom to do their own thing. Attached Scorpio – resist the temptation to keep a big secret from your partner. Unhappily single? Venus and Uranus encourage you to look for a lover who is outside your comfort zone.


Mars and Jupiter (your power planet) are charging through your self-expression zone. So it’s time to fire up and be proactive about being creative! Your motto for the moment is from this week’s birthday great, music icon Prince. “I want to tell people to create. Just start by creating your day. Then create your life.” The Venus/Uranus conjunction (on the weekend) favours mixing with inspiring work colleagues, bohemian friends and artistic acquaintances. 


With Pluto still visiting your sign, you’re passionate about getting ahead. But the more you try to control and rush others, the more they will resist. So slow and steady wins the current race. When it comes to loved ones, you’ll find communication, consultation and active listening will get you a lot further than bossy behaviour. On the weekend, plan a romantic escape (with your partner) or a heavenly holiday (at your dream destination) for some time soon.


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Taskmaster Saturn continues its journey through your sign (until March 2023). So you can expect ongoing problems, disruptions, delays, difficulties and general shenanigans. Don’t let that deter you Aquarius! If you are flexible and adapt to constantly changing circumstances, then you can still make progress in pleasing and satisfying ways. As actor/activist (and birthday great) Michael J. Fox observes, “Our challenges don’t define us, our actions do.”


Do your best to assiduously avoid Piscean passivity and procrastination. With Mercury, Venus and Uranus all activating your learning and local environment zone, it’s time to be confident and courageous as you proactively set ambitious goals, attract mentors, and expand your world in exciting new directions. Study, observe, listen and learn! So your motto is from birthday great (and music legend) Prince, “I like constructive criticism from smart people.”

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