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Here is your horoscope for today!

By wasmulhaq 
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JUNE 27-JULY 3, 2022   


The approaching Mars/Pluto square could amp up your argumentative and bossy side. And relationships look challenging, as loved ones are more demanding than usual. With the New Moon stimulating your domestic zone, strive to be at your diplomatic best with family members. If you can temporarily morph from a raging ram to a gentle lamb, then life will be less bumpy. The Mars/Saturn link will help you manage your moods and regulate your responses.


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Have you been feeling like a tired Taurus and a perpetually busy Bull, with too many activities crammed into your timetable? Avoid extra work functions and social events this week. With Mars and Jupiter visiting your solitude zone, rest and relaxation are just what the doctor ordered. Volunteer work and humanitarian projects are also highlighted. As Princess Diana (who was born on July 1) observed, “Everyone has the potential to give something back.”


The New Moon shines a spotlight on your current bank balance as well as money mistakes you’ve made in the past. If your finances are in a mess, then it’s time to sort them out ASAP. The Sun also squares Jupiter, which increases your extravagant and gullible side. Be careful you don’t indulge in a ‘comfort shopping’ spree that you later regret. Slow down and think things through. Remember … good things eventually come to Geminis who wait!


Sensitive Crabs are ruled by the silvery Moon so you can’t help but be affected by this week’s New Moon in Cancer, as it stirs up your emotions. Plus Mars and Pluto agitate work worries and relationship insecurities. But if you become overemotional and unreasonable then it won’t help matters. Instead, tune into the magic of the mid-week new moonbeams. And learn to love yourself, as you celebrate your strengths and follow your dreams.

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The Sun/Jupiter square boosts your loud, proud, extravagant and spontaneous side as you eat, drink, spend, say, promise or party way too much. Calm down Cats! Then the New Moon lights up your intuition and solitude zone. So it’s a good week to spend some quality time on your own as you slow down, meditate, contemplate, ruminate, and listen to the quiet voice within. Your motto is from birthday great Princess Diana, “I work on instinct. It’s my best advisor.”


Have you been treading water at work? Do your dreams and goals seem to be stalled? The planets activate your career and aspirations zones, so opportunities are set to improve. Dealing with colleagues, clients and/or customers in clever and creative ways will lead to positive outcomes. Joint ventures are particularly favoured, as you boost cash flow with a more cooperative and strategic approach. Mid-week is the time to make a special New Moon wish.


Polite Librans are the peacemakers of the zodiac – and you’ll certainly require your diplomacy skills this week. Pluto squares Mars, so a relationship with a loved one could be particularly frustrating. The best way to handle the situation is with plenty of patience and understanding. The New Moon activates your career zone, so don’t be a Libran wallflower. Speak up and promote your talents! If you procrastinate, then opportunities will pass you by.

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It’s a good week to travel, explore, read, research or study as Wednesday’s New Moon stimulates your gypsy gene and boosts your curiosity. Be inspired by birthday great Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Then Pluto squares Mars, which can magnify your control-freak tendencies. You’re determined to win an argument or solve a problem but don’t step on other people’s toes in the process. Strive to be more subtle and strategic.


It’s a big week for finances, flirting and fun! The New Moon highlights a fresh start involving money, business, joint ventures and/or shared finances. Make sure they are all in practical order. The Venus/Jupiter link puts you in the mood for flirtatious games and extravagant romantic gestures. The planets also activate your social media zone, so long-term love could be waiting online. Your motto is from birthday great Princess Diana, “I like to be a free spirit.”


With Mars and Mercury making positive connections with Saturn, concentration is high and your attention to detail is even better than usual. So any work you do will be of an extremely high standard. Coupled Capricorn – it’s a wonderful week to work on deepening the love and commitment between the two of you. If you are looking for lasting love, don’t accept second best. Be discriminating, as you patiently wait for the right person to come along.


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This week’s stars are fabulous for fiery bursts of creative inspiration, as the New Moon nurtures fresh ideas and encourages intuitive insights. Mars and Pluto also stir your rebellious nature and non-conformist approach, especially involving controversial issues in your local community. So your mantra is from birthday great Princess Diana (who had Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius). “I don’t go by the rule book … I lead from the heart, not the head.”


If you’re involved with a group, class, club or organisation, then expect power plays and personality clashes as the week progresses. A friendship could also be placed under temporary strain. When it comes to your social circle, aim to be more discriminating and don’t waste precious time on false friends and negative people who undermine your confidence. You need to consciously choose a peer group that will help propel you towards your preferred future.

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