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Here is your horoscope for today!

By wasmulhaq 
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JULY 4-10, 2022    


The planetary patterns highlight freedom, independence, creativity and local community projects. If you pace yourself and prioritise, then you’ll get things done without feeling frazzled. It’s also a good week to socialise with family, friends and work colleagues, as you participate in some lively and stimulating conversations. But avoid getting drawn into a fiery argument (in person or online) where you end up saying controversial things that you later regret.


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Careful communication is the key to an agreeable week for smart Bulls. Mars and Uranus encourage you to blast away redundant attitudes, release old grudges and let bygones be bygones. Plus Mars and Mercury push you to work through domestic dramas and family squabbles in a proactive and diplomatic way. So your mantra for the moment is from The Dalai Lama (who turns 87 on Wednesday). “Forgive others … be kind, honest and have positive thoughts.”


Stop gallivanting around in a general fluster and instead, focus on revamping your close relationships. With vivacious Venus visiting your sign, it’s time to charge up your charisma and call in a few old favours. Others will find your intriguing Gemini charm and friendly nature hard to resist! So – with a dash of deft diplomacy and improved communication skills – it’s a wonderful week to get a troubled partnership heading in a positive new direction.


Prepare for a contrary kind of week Crabs! The current celestial cocktail includes a Sun/Uranus connection, and Mercury moves into your sign. So you’re in the mood for change but you’re also feeling sentimental, as you revisit the past or wallow in an ocean of emotion. Proactive Mars encourages you to look to the future with fresh eyes, a curious mind and a full heart. Venus activates your spiritual and privacy zone as you daydream, imagine and create.

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Unpredictable Uranus links up with the fiery Sun (your power planet). So boredom is a big no-no this week, as you search out unusual people, places and activities, especially connected with work. You’ll favour excitement and novel ideas over your usual daily routine. When it comes to communication, education or a business trip, be cautious. Things aren’t as straight-forward as they seem. Don’t just muddle through – get someone you trust to help you out.


Your very discreet Virgo nature is emphasised this week, as Mercury (your power planet) moves into your peer group zone. So make it a priority to connect with like-minded people who understand your particular peccadillos and strong need for privacy. A loved one could be temperamental on Saturday, so handle them with extra care and don’t even try to work out where they are coming from. Travel, adventure and group activities are favoured on the weekend.


Librans are natural matchmakers and love to counsel others. This week, with Venus (your power planet) transiting through the dual sign of Gemini, there’ll be two distinct sides to every relationship story. So, when giving advice, make sure you communicate clearly and are scrupulously fair to all parties involved. Travelling and exploring appeal, as the planets stimulate your latent adventurous side. It’s also a good time to re-connect with your international friends.

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Are you still punishing yourself for mistakes you made many moons ago? Or are you still holding a grudge towards someone who wronged you many years ago? It’s time to forgive others – and yourself – for transgressions from the past. So your mantra is from author Marianne Williamson (who was born on July 8). “Forgiveness is not always easy … and yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.” The Sun and Mercury encourage fresh adventures and updated philosophies.


Prepare for a special week Sagittarius, as the planets activate your relationship zones and put you in the mood for lashings of romance and a touch of magic. Be inspired by fellow Cancerian, actor Tom Hanks (who was born on July 9). “I always look up at the Moon and see it as the single most romantic place within the cosmos.” But be careful what you say on Saturday, when Jupiter squares Mercury and you’ll find diplomacy and discretion fly out the window.


Mars and Uranus activate creative projects and fire up friendships. But the Mercury/Jupiter square could disrupt your daily routine and distract you from your domestic responsibilities. So aim to be creative and compassionate, but also robust and resilient. Then the bumps along the road will only make you stronger! It’s a good week to become more involved with volunteer projects and philanthropic pursuits, especially in your local community.


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This week the Sun/Uranus link wakes up a work project or fires up a family dream. And how are you really feeling? The Sun and Mercury energise your wellbeing zone. So it’s a good time to review your health and fitness; revise your diet and exercise routine; and then make appropriate adjustments and improvements. But they must be creative tweaks that specifically suit your idiosyncratic Aquarian style. The more flexible (and quirky) your program is, the better!


The week starts with Mercury and Venus visiting your domestic zone. So the focus is firmly on family and close friends … anyone who is a part of your cherished inner circle. It’s time for good food, relaxed entertaining and cosy companionship. As birthday great The Dalai Lama observes, “A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation of your life.” But if your inner voice tells you something (or someone) isn’t the real deal, make sure you act on that information.

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