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Here is your weekly Horoscope to help you plan the week from June 28 – July 4!

By Saima Siddiqui 
Updated Date


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Monday’s Mars/North Node link is fabulous for pouring energy into creative projects. It also encourages you to help a friend or family member who’s going through a rough patch. But reckless Ram behaviour could mar the rest of the week so tread carefully. You’re keen to get things moving but don’t be in such a rush that you start an argument or cause an accident. Do your best to be dynamic and courageous, rather than bossy and demanding.


Mars, Saturn and Uranus stir up your home zone, so be careful how you communicate with family members. When it comes to other matters, Uranus (in your sign) urges you to jump out of your comfort zone, shake off bad habits, embrace opportunities and fast track changes. It’s time to view transformation as terrific, rather than terrifying. Be inspired by Taurean author and philosopher Edward de Bono. “If you never change your mind, why have one?”


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Twins are in the mood to enthuse and extrapolate. Mars and your ruler Mercury encourage you to talk, text, tweet, post, podcast or publish in style as you convey your ideas to the outside world. But you must take your time and think things through. If you rush, then you could end up regretting what you say. Travel also looks problematic, as Saturn slows things down and Uranus upsets previous plans. This week, slow and steady wins the race … eventually!


On Monday, Mars activates your humanitarian side so it’s the perfect time to lend a hand to someone who’s in need, at home or far away. Be inspired by birthday great Princess Diana, “Everyone has the potential to give something back.” But then the Mars/Saturn/Uranus aspects could exacerbate a relationship problem. Don’t take things too personally and put away those Crab claws! You’ll find the more defensive you are, the more difficult the week will be.


Creative Cats are fabulous at formulating ideas, discussing dreams and talking about future plans. But – with Venus and Mars both visiting your sign – it’s time to be passionately proactive and actually walk your talk. This week, actions definitely speak louder than words! So your motto for the moment is from entrepreneur Elon Musk, who was born on June 28, 1971. “I don’t create companies for the sake of creating companies, but to get things done.”

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Are you taking your work responsibilities seriously? Saturn demands that you shape up or ship out. Mercury (your patron planet) is powering through your career zone until July 11. So it’s a terrific time to improve your professional literacy through study or via the mentorship of someone with smart and savvy connections. Some brave Virgos will tentatively revisit an old romance – but do you really want to travel down that bumpy road again?


Expect some annoying dramas as the planets stir up old grievances. By all means use your natural diplomatic talents to help smooth troubled waters. However, if you sit back and let other people make decisions, then you’ll just feel paralysed and powerless. So strive to be more self-sufficient. Getting the ratio right between your public and private lives is an ongoing challenge. But if anyone can juggle complex commitments, it’s a well-balanced Libran!


Are you running on empty? Smart Scorpios will strive to get the ratio right between being on top of things at work, while still having time to rest, reflect and recharge your batteries. Balance is the key. Relations with a loved one or work colleague could be unpredictable and problematic later in the week, particularly if you try to control an uncontrollable situation. So expect the unexpected and keep your adaptability muscles well flexed!

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Sadges love drama, and there’ll be plenty of it this week as your usual routine is shaken and stirred. You’re keen to persuade others but don’t add fuel to the fire by being too hasty. There’s much more to a current situation than meets the eye, so resist the temptation to jump to conclusions. Discretion and moderation are what’s needed at the moment. Connecting with colleagues brings benefits, as you put on your networking hat and schmooze in style.


Your compulsive Capricorn side is likely to go into overdrive, as conscientious Saturn amps up your obsession with perfection. But family and friends may find your standards far too demanding. If you push too hard, you’ll just end up driving them away. So do your best to modify your control-freak tendencies. Being an iron fist in a velvet glove is the smarter (and less stressful) way to proceed. Remember – the highest form of control is knowing when to let go!


Calling all Aquarians – avoid being disruptive and getting drawn into disputes with your frustrated partner or an assertive  family member. This week will work best if you keep your nose out of other people’s business and concentrate on pursuing personal projects. Then Mars and Uranus turbo-charge your impulsive side on the weekend. So slow down and simmer down, otherwise you could find yourself smack bang in the middle of an argument or accident.


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Have you been feeling like a lacklustre Pisces? Are you sick and tired of being perpetually busy? Have you got too many tasks crammed into your timetable? With Saturn snoozing in your solitude zone, you’ll find sleep, meditation, contemplation, rest and relaxation are just what the doctor ordered. You also need to listen to the wisdom of your inner voice. Be inspired by Cancerian birthday great, Princess Diana “I work on instinct. It’s my best advisor.”

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