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Here’s how not using your smartphone for a year can make you win Rs. 72 lakh!

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There are many people who believe that they cannot live without their smartphone but what if not using your smartphone for a year can make you win Rs. 72 lakh? Yes, you read it right! Coca-Cola owned company Vitaminwater have offered $100,000 (72 lakh) only if you do not use your smartphone for a year.

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The company is accepting entries till January 8, 2019 in the form of a unique and creative tweet or an Instagram post based on which the candidates will be short-listed, post which they have to live without a smartphone for a year.

The participants will not be totally cut off from civilization. They will be a given 1996-era phone, possibly a feature phone with no internet connectivity for making calls. They are also allowed to use a desktop computer or a laptop during the period, and even voice-activated’ devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo. But no smartphone or tablet, be it yours or others.

For a chance to get selected you need to Tweet or post on Instagram explaining creatively how you will spend your year ahead without a smartphone and post it along-with hashtags #NoPhoneforaYear and #contest.

Now there are possibilities that you may last for 6 months without your dear phone and not beyond. The company offers $10,000 (about Rs 7.2 lakh) if you really lived without a smartphone even for that much time.

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The Coca-Cola-owned company says it will judge submissions majorly on three points, creativity and originality, humour and how best it fits the brand tonality and persona’. The submission that scores highest will win.

To testify of not having used (or touched) a smartphone for one whole year, the participants will have to go through a lie-detector test at the end of the contract period.

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