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Here’s the world city rank list, London still number one!

By Team Pardaphash 
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London: As per the details given by the Global Power City Index (GPCI) London has managed to retain its number one rank as the number one city in the world.

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It has been now continuously for the sixth time that the GPCI, published by the Mori Memorial Foundation has ranked London as number one city.

They laid emphasis on the city’s strengths in, its cultural offer and transport links and its rank as a major centre for innovation.

The report was released on October 12th in which they ranked 44 major cities across six key measures including the economy, research and development, culture, accessibility, the environment and livability.

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London performed strongly across all areas, ranking ahead of other cities such as New York, Tokyo, Paris and Singapore, and was ranked first for culture, with overseas tourists making a record 19.1 million visits to the city in 2016.

A study by Oxford Economics commissioned to coincide with the GPCI, reported that London’s economic growth is expected to be stronger than many other European cities. London’s GDP growth is set to be 2.4 percent a year until 2021, outperforming a number of other major European cities including Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin.

London’s growth is predicted to be greater than the average GDP growth of all eurozone nations, which is forecast to be 2 percent.

Richard Holt, Oxford Economics head of global cities research, told Xinhua: “London by European standards is a super competitive city, in terms of skills, the property market, and across a whole range of indicators” “When you look at sectors, say the digital communications sector, services or tourism you see it performing well.

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“We take that as the underlying driver and put it together with a cyclical pattern and at the moment the UK economy is not performing as well as the eurozone economy, to give a view of what is going to happen to London.”
No Indian city is even in the top 30 slot.

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