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‘Hero’ British Ambassador will stay in Kabul, to help evacuate his countrymen

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

Kabul: After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, where there is a stampede to leave the country, the British Ambassador has decided to stay in Kabul. Not caring about his life, Ambassador Sir Laurie Bristow has made it clear that until 4000 British and Afghan personnel are safely evacuated, they will not leave Afghanistan and go anywhere. The ambassador is being praised everywhere for his courage. The people of Britain called him a hero.

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Emergency Operation Started

According to the news published in ‘The Sun’, Sir Laurie Bristow and a team of dedicated diplomats have launched an emergency operation at Kabul airport to evacuate their citizens safely. The ambassador has told the British government that they will not leave the country until the British and their Afghan personnel leave here.

UK Sending 200 Troops

At the same time, Britain’s Defense Ministry said that 200 more soldiers are being sent to Afghanistan to evacuate British citizens trapped in Kabul. Earlier on Saturday, around 600 paratroopers of 16 Air Assault Brigade had reached Afghanistan and helped in evacuating about 200 people from Afghanistan. The rescue operation is being led by Ambassador Sir Laurie Bristow. It is believed that this campaign can go on till the end of this month.

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Ashraf Ghani ran first

Laurie Bristow says that at this time his entire focus is to get the trapped people out safely and he will not leave Afghanistan until this work is completed. The ambassador is being praised for staying in the war-torn country without caring for his life. People are calling him a hero. Let us tell you that after the occupation of Taliban, many countries have closed their embassies in Afghanistan. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was the first to leave the country.

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