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Home Decor: With these colours attract positivity to your sweet abode

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Lucknow: Home isn’t just a roof above our head but are a mixture of several emotions. Everybody wants a dream home and when they get one they do everything to make it look beautiful and outstanding. The paints on the walls are a reflection of our personality and can affect our mood. As colours do decide our lives and the vibes, some colours have the power to boost our mood, while others can send us into depression. So, here are 4 colours that we should add to our homes in order to kill the negativity around:

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Whites can never go wrong. A pinch of white in any and everything changes the whole mood. Not to mention, it’s in trend, too. So, if you are wanting to paint your house white, don’t give it a second thought. White walls topped with contrasting curtains help make the house well-lit. It also helps in boosting one’s mood and giving him or her happy vibes. If you have been going through a tough day, try going back to a house with white around, it will give you comfort, hope, and peace of mind.


Yellow indicate happiness. This colour, automatically, brings hope and positivity. Paint a wall with yellow, or add some yellow furniture in your living room and see the magic. The colour will not only pop out and become the lifeline of your home but will also make you feel happy throughout the day. If you want to go low-key and yet set a different tone, choose yellow curtains for your white or neutral-coloured walls. This will bring life to your home.


This is colour of love makes you feel at home. While it can be a bold choice, at times, a hint of red in the décor will be good to go. Paint a corner with red, or go for wall hangings or portraits whose dominating colour is red, and you have it right. Also, red cushions and carpets can make the deal for you. If that’s a bit too much, opt for something that has a hint of red in it.


While green can be a little loud colour, more so, if your home has subtle tones, it is good for killing negativity. Opt for indoor plants that will not help clean the air but will also be the right choice for using green in your home wisely. Make sure to keep them in an open space where they are able to bloom and live and see the difference in your lives.

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