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How ‘not’ to get wasted with a hangover

By Team Pardaphash 
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That morning after a night of heavy drinking when popping pills, ounces of water intake and even chucking yourself on cozy beds. To be honest, there are no such cures for your throbbing head reciprocated for those generous bottoms up rounds you rewarded yourself. But, we bring you certain preventive measures that guarantee you a happy go lucky morning next day.

Go for pricey respite:
more expensive liquors are strained more thus filtering the maximum congeners and impurities out. Making them more reliable to avoid a hangover or with minimum after effects than their cheap counterparts.

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“Hair of the Dog”: there’s a ubiquitous myth of drinking more alcohol after taking a barrel in, to avoid hangover. However, it is the most terrible idea, it just give you numbing effect making you more addictive and alcohol dependent.

‘Congener crew’: Whiskey, dark rum and Red Wine, ‘Beware’ of this trio if you don’t want to wake up with the feeling of someone drilling your head from behind and stuffing it with pop ups, after effects are inevitable , good luck with all the aspirins in the world. To make condition even more worse mix them or drink them uninterrupted.

Avoid your sweet tooth: sugar acts as a catalyst to elevate the after effects of alcohol, look for the sugar composition before cracking open your cold start and if you don’t want your head to get struck in a vine grip, don’t consume sugary fares.

Lenient least: Grain alcohol, Gin vodka and White rum, clear from the names, lighter will be your drink, lesser will be its hangover effects.

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