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How to Finance your Studies in the University of Montreal?

By Team Pardaphash 
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The University of Montreal is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is a French language institute that ranks top among the higher education institutes in Quebec. The university offers graduate and postdoctoral courses. It has more than 350 programs in 17 fields of study. Apart from Canadian students, around 9000 foreign students attend the university from various parts of the world.

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University of Montreal Cost of Study

The cost of study at University of Montreal varies for Quebec students, on-Quebec Canadian students, and international students.

• Quebec students enrolled in Masters and Ph.D. courses have to pay CAD 1195 per session.
• The non-Quebec Canadian students pursuing the same courses have to pay CAD 3701 per session.
• International students pursuing Masters and Ph.D. courses have to pay CAD 8186 per session and CAD 7348 per session respectively.
• The cost per session for the thesis is CAD 425 for all students.

Apart from tuition fees, students need to spend about CAD 1225 as living expense when studying at the University of Montreal. Also, the cost of renting a two bedroom apartment in some of the major Canadian cities range from CAD 760 – CAD 1368.

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Funding your study at the University of Montreal

If you are planning to study at the University of Montreal and want to know how to finance for your studies, the college offers several options that range from Scholarships to Student Employment Programs. Let us discuss the financial assistance options offered by the university to the students.


The University of Montreal offers scholarships to mainly graduate level students having excellent academic records. Scholarships are offered by the university and about 5000 other organizations, both public and private. Students are awarded scholarships based on different criteria of eligibility.If you are willing to obtain scholarships to finance your expenses, you can check the scholarship directory on the official website of the university to confirm your eligibility.

Apart from that, the scholarship office also provides information, necessary consultation and conducts workshops to guide students to check their eligibility criteria for scholarships. You can also ask for some guidance from your research director, they will be able to suggest which scholarship will be the best for your field. Also, some departments in the university offer integrated financing to students. The research directors of those departments will be able to guide you regarding the opportunities.

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International students can get scholarships that offer a discounted tuition fee. The Faculty of Graduate and Post-doctoral studies publishes the list of various scholarships for international students. Some of them are –
• Scholarships of Excellence – Eligible foreign students are offered scholarships from various private foundations.
• Doctoral Scholarships from Udem along with Chinese Universities – These are special scholarships for Chinese students.
• Merit Scholarships Programs – This scholarship is offered by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports.
Financial Aid Office
The Financial Aid Office of the University of Montreal offers several options to both full time and part time students in need of financial assistance. Some of the resources are –
• Loans and Grant Programs from Quebec and other parts of Canada
• Emergency Aids
• Financial Advances
• Support Grants
• Consultation and budget planning services

Work-Study Programs

Students in need of financial assistance can take part in the Work-Study Programs offered by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. You can get opportunities to work part-time jobs on-campus. With the help of these programs, eligible students can get their salaries fully or partly subsidized. Foreign students, who are registered for full-time programs at the university and not under any other financial assistance program, are eligible for the work-study program. Students can work up to 20 hours per week in jobs that may or may not be related to their field of study.

Employment Opportunities

Apart from the Work-Study Program, you can also avail several other on-campus employment opportunities at the University of Montreal. Graduate students can get employed in positions like teaching assistants, research assistants and in lecturing positions. International students for any employment opportunity in Quebec will need Social Insurance Number (SIN).

So, these are all the options to help you finance your study at the University of Montreal. You can choose which one will apply in your case and gather more information about the same from the university before taking admission.

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