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How to hide belly fat? Choose your outfit wisely!

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One of the basic problems of people nowadays is the increasing belly fat which is not only an issue but also calls for various diseases. There are several reasons behind tummy fat but the basic reason can be pregnancy and middle age. There are measures that can be taken to hide your belly fat with the type of outfit you choose.

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Talking specifically about girls, belly fat is a problem which definitely can look better if you choose the right outfit and wear it in a better way. Are you also wondering how to hide belly fat instantly? Well, there are several natural ways to reduce belly fat but in order to hide it instantly you need to opt appropriate clothes.

Here are few ways to hide belly fat:-

1. Avoid wearing too tight or too loose clothes, because if you wear tight dress your belly will be visible which in turn will make your body shape look weird while if you wear too loose dress it will give your body no shape. Therefore, choose medium fit dress for yourself to hide your tummy fat.

2. Buy high-waist jeans, leggings, pants and lowers as it will hide your belly fat when worn around your navel.

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3. Choose dark printed colours for your upper body clothing as it hide your tummy fat.

4. Wear Indian outfits like kurti, suit that has high slit in it and avoid wearing low slit kurtis as the belly fat is pretty much visible in it.

5. Avoid bright and glittery colours on your upper body.

Credits- Bhavya Chawla, Chief stylist at Voonik and Fashion designer Reynu Taandon.

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