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How to take perfect care of your natural hair texture

By Priyanka Verma 
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First of all, you need to know that whatever your hair texture or skin texture is, is perfect. But as humans, we always want what we don’t have. People with straight hair would want big curls, those with curls would want to straighten them. Fighting your hair texture can, in fact, leave you with more damage, breakage and frizz. Embracing it the way it is, is better. We’re here to tell you how you can make the most of your hair texture but first, you need to learn a couple of things about your hair texture.

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You must, undoubtedly own your natural hair texture and look after it in the best way possible. If you don’t embrace your hair texture, you will end up finding texture altering treatments all the time, all of which has an expiry date. When you embrace your natural texture, it blossoms, but instead, you damage your hair quality by trying out different hair treatments. This way, you lose the health and shine of your hair over time. Hence, it’s always better to accept what and how your hair is and do everything to take good care of it.

1. If you have straight hair

Use a good shampoo as well as a conditioner specifically for your hair and scalp type. You can also use a good leave-in conditioner. A classic blowout will help in enhancing your naturally straight hair. Choose the right brush and hairdryer. Make sure you take most of the moisture from your hair and take time to section them well. Press the hair with an iron after as it helps to get a good finish to your hair.

2.if you have curly hair

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It’s no doubt that women with curly hair tend to opt for hair straightening to make it more manageable. But it ruins their natural texture in the process. Curls have a tendency to lose moisture quicker than wavy and straight hair. Hence, using a slightly heavier leave-in conditioner will help. Don’t brush your hair when dry, else you’ll only end up opening your curls and your hair will look frizzy. Scrunch your hair with a good curl cream and add a little bit of argon oil for extra moisture. Allow the curls to form themselves by using a wide-toothed comb. Take your time with curly hair.

3. If your hair is wavy

Wavy hair needs more hydration than straight hair and that’s no news. Use a good leave-in conditioner and a drop of argon oil to help retain the moisture. Once you’re done with this step, it’s on you if you want to choose to style your hair with a hot tool or without. You can either let your wavy hair dry naturally or scrunch it well. You can use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment for a soft, natural wave or a tong to define a more modern beach wave.

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