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IAF has announced plans to acquire an additional 100 indigenous LCA Tejas Mark 1A fighter jets

India has officially declared its intention to procure an additional 100 indigenous LCA Mark 1A fighter jets, providing a significant boost to the domestic aerospace industry. This announcement was made by Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari while in Spain.

By Team Pardaphash 
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In a substantial announcement aimed at enhancing the indigenous aerospace sector, the Indian Air Force has formally revealed its intentions to acquire approximately 100 more domestically-produced LCA Mark 1A fighter jets.

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The LCA was meticulously designed to serve as a comprehensive replacement for the extensive fleet of MiG series aircraft, encompassing the MiG-21, MiG-23, and MiG-27 models. As these older aircraft are being retired, it is imperative to maintain a sufficient inventory of LCA class aircraft in our arsenal.

The decision to acquire approximately 100 additional aircraft of this type coincided with the Indian Air Force chief conducting a comprehensive review meeting of the indigenous fighter jet program, which included all relevant stakeholders, including Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, last month. This procurement will result in a substantial increase in the deployment of LCA Tejas fighters within the Indian Air Force.

The LCA Mark 1A aircraft is equipped with more advanced avionics and radar systems compared to the initial 40 LCAs currently being delivered to the Air Force.

In the new LCA Mark 1A, the indigenous content is expected to exceed 65 percent.

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During the project review meeting held last month, the Indian Air Force chief emphasized that the LCA has played a pivotal role in the force’s endeavors to enhance the indigenization of its aircraft fleet.

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