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Illegal Operation Uncovered: Fake Household Items Worth Rs 2 Crore Seized in Hyderabad

Crackdown on Counterfeit Products Leads to Significant Haul.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Illegal Operation Uncovered: Fake Household Items Worth Rs 2 Crore Seized in Hyderabad

In a major operation, Hyderabad police arrested three individuals involved in the illegal production and sale of fake household items, ranging from hair oil to tea and detergent powder. The seized counterfeit products, valued at Rs 2 crore, included popular brands like ‘Parachute,’ ‘Surf Excel,’ ‘Wheel,’ ‘Lizol,’ ‘Harpic,’ ‘Red Label,’ and ‘Brook Bond’ tea, as well as ‘Everest’ spices.

Arrests and Raids Across the City

The arrests were made by a joint team comprising personnel from the Task Force, Central Zone team, and Kachiguda Police. The accused, including Mahendra Singh, were apprehended following simultaneous raids at three locations in Nagaram, Keesara Mandal (Rachkonda), and the Katedhan industrial area. Authorities acted on information indicating illegal manufacturing and packaging units for the fake products at these sites.

A juvenile has also been detained by the team, highlighting the involvement of individuals of varying ages in the illicit operation.

Masterminds and Accomplices Identified

The primary accused, Mahendra Singh, is alleged to have orchestrated the entire operation, dealing in counterfeit hair oil, detergent powders, cleaning liquids, tea, and spices. The three other identified masterminds, Shyam Bhati, Kamal Bhati from Rajasthan, and Jairam from Hyderabad, are currently evading authorities.

The accused individuals sourced fake branded boxes, labels, stickers, and containers from different locations, including Gujarat, Bengaluru, and Delhi. The illegal products were stored in a warehouse on the outskirts of the city in Nagaram.

Haul of Seized Products

Among the confiscated items were 136 bottles of counterfeit Parachute coconut oil, 160 boxes of fake Surf Excel big bar, 180 packets of imitation Wheel detergent powder, 72 boxes of spurious Brooke Bond Red Label tea, 96 bottles of counterfeit Harpic liquid, 168 bottles of duplicate Lizol liquid, and three bags of fake Everest chicken masala. The seized items also included various materials used in the manufacturing and packaging process, such as empty bottles, tins, packing tape, sticker sheets, and packing bags.

Continued Investigation and Crackdown

While three individuals are in custody, the authorities are actively pursuing the remaining accused individuals who are on the run. The crackdown on this illegal racket underscores the authorities’ commitment to curbing the production and distribution of counterfeit products in the market.

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