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In a media briefing on Monday, S Jaishankar updates on the status of Sino-Indian relations

In a media briefing on Monday, India's Minister for External Affairs (MEA) S Jaishankar provided an update on the status of Sino-Indian relations, among other topics. He emphasized that discussions with China over the border have not been halted, highlighting progress made in addressing key tension points over the past three years.

By Rekha Joshi 
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During a media briefing on Monday, S Jaishankar, India’s Minister for External Affairs, revealed that efforts are underway to arrange a meeting with Chinese officials aimed at alleviating tensions along the de facto border between India and Tibet. He reiterated that the discussions between India and China regarding the border have not come to a halt, and a forthcoming meeting is in the pipeline to address the ongoing issues.

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In addition, S Jaishankar emphasized India’s proactive endeavors to improve border road connectivity and advance overall infrastructure development, with a particular focus on the northern frontier. He also brought to light India’s proactive measures to strengthen road and rail connectivity with neighboring nations such as Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Jaishankar unveiled ongoing discussions between India and Bhutan, aimed at establishing a rail link that would connect India’s Assam state with Bhutan. This initiative demonstrates India’s commitment to fostering regional connectivity and enhancing economic ties with its neighboring countries.

During the media briefing, Minister S Jaishankar delved into the backdrop of the India-China border tensions, which were triggered by clashes in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley in May 2020. He highlighted that subsequent to these events, both countries have participated in numerous rounds of military-level discussions aimed at resolving conflicts in disputed border regions. Jaishankar indicated that the 19th round of high-level military talks is in the works, with the overarching goal of reinstating peace and serenity along the border areas.

Jaishankar also provided insights into the ongoing negotiations between China and Bhutan. He revealed that 24 rounds of talks have already been concluded between these two nations. Stressing India’s attentive observation of these discussions, he underscored that Bhutan maintains control over the pace of these talks, which hold significance for India as well.

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In summary, the briefing unveiled India’s ongoing dedication to mitigate border tensions, bolster infrastructure, and engage in diplomatic interactions with neighboring countries. These efforts reflect India’s commitment to fostering stability and cooperation in the region.

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