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In India Audi, Mercedes-Benz excited about the electrification journey of passenger vehicles

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Audi, Mercedes-Benz bright on India’s passenger car electrification journey.
While Audi kicked off its electrification journey in India with the launch of three all-electric SUVs under the e-tron brand last week, Mercedes-Benz has been selling its all-electric SUV EQC since October last year.

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Audi and Mercedes-Benz are upbeat about the electrification journey of passenger vehicles in India with more states coming up with EV policies.

Luxury car maker Audi When Mercedes-Benz Bright about the electrification journey of Passenger car More states in India EV policy According to company officials, it encourages electric four-wheeled vehicles. The FAME II scheme by the center does not provide a direct benefit to individual cars, but they find incentives such as the 5% GST for electric vehicles to help.
Audi launched three all-electric SUVs under the e-tron brand last week and embarked on an electrification journey in India, but Mercedes-Benz has been selling all-electric SUVE QC since October last year.

Audi India’s Prime Minister Barbir Cindylon said the current overall policy focuses primarily on motorcycles and tricycles, but many state governments are also willing to give incentives to electric cars.
Gujarat and Maharashtra are the 2 states recently have announced their respective EV policies.

In addition to the subsidies available from the central government, Gujarat offers a demand incentive of 10,000 rupees / kwh for e2W, electric tricycles (e3W) and electric four-wheeled vehicles (e4W) at the factory. The maximum price is limited to rupees. 1.5 racks, 5 racks and 15 racks in each of the three vehicle categories.

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Meanwhile, Maharashtra offers a demand incentive of 5,000 rupees / khw for 10,000 electric vehicles, and in addition to exemption from road taxes and registration fees, the maximum incentive per vehicle is limited to 15,000 rupees.

Last year, Delhi announced an incentive to purchase a battery capacity of 10,000 rupees / kWh per electric vehicle based on its EV policy. For the first 1,000 electronic vehicles registered in the capital, there is an incentive of up to Rs 15,000 per vehicle. state. We also offer road tax and registration fee exemptions for all EVs.

Dillon said he was bright about the electrification of private cars in India: “I am convinced that electricity is certainly the future, especially in terms of luxury cars. We will definitely focus on electric cars. I decided that. ”

Audi India has already set a goal of procuring 15% of its total domestic sales from EVs by 2025, and some of the 20 electric vehicles to be launched worldwide by 2025 will be EV models. Will be introduced in India as well.

“Therefore, our focus is very clear, from short-term to long-term. We are focusing on electric vehicles and have a very positive idea on this topic,” said Dillon. I am.

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“Mercedes-Benz is critical to bringing the latest technology and products from our global portfolio of customers in India,” said Santosh Eyer, vice president of sales and marketing at Mercedes-Benz India. Play a role. ”

He added that the company has been very pleased with the positive reaction of its customers to EQC since its debut in India and the subsequent interest and awareness of the luxury EV segment.

Ayer said, “We are happy to see the following introduction of the high-end EV segment, which is further nourishing and enlarging from the buyers point of view”, and the company’s EV strategy has already led to strong EQC orders.
Dillion said,”despite from cars it will be a journey that will require stoical and constant work on the infrastructure”.

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