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In just 60 minutes, Rahul Gandhi says ‘jobs’ 44 times

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New Delhi: Saying it on a repeated basis that the main factor in India today is the lack of job creation, Rahul Gandhi said 30,000 youngsters enter the job market every day, while only 450 jobs are provided.

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Chatting with students of Princeton University in New Jersey, USA, Rahul said, “The challenge is how to solve that job problem in a democratic environment. Frankly, the Congress party was unable to do it. That is why (Narendra) Modi came. But Modi (too) is unable to do it,” he added.

There is “anger building up in India right now” over that failure on the jobs front, which “we can sense”, Rahul said.

As a matter of fact, Congress Vice President mentioned the words “jobs”, lack of its growth and the problem of unemployment 44 times at the time of his interaction spanning just over an hour. It is being seen as an indication that the Congress vice-president may be ready to give primacy to issues such as slowdown in economic growth and joblessness to take on Modi and reach out to the youth.


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