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“Incorrect word, slip of tongue”: Adhir Ranjan apologises to President Murmu 2 days after ‘Rashtrapatni’ remark

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

New Delhi: In the breaking development in the case, two days after ‘Rashtrapatni’ Adhir Ranjan apology. Senior Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has apologized to President Droupadi Murmu over the word ‘Rashtrapatni’. He writes to Murmu and expresses regret. In his letter, he said that those words had come out of me by mistake. And I will not be wrong if I say that my tongue slipped. There was a huge ruckus in the Parliament regarding Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury’s statement of ‘Rashtrapatni’. The leaders of the ruling party were demanding from the Congress leader that he should apologize to the President for his statement.

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“I am writing to express my regret for having mistakenly used an incorrect word to describe the position you hold. I assure you that it was a slip of the tongue. I apologise and request you to accept the same,” Mr Chowdhury wrote in a letter to President Murmu, the country’s first President from the tribal community.

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury had a special conversation with sources a few days ago regarding the controversy over his objectionable statement about the President. During that time he had said that first of all I would like to say that BJP is making rice a mountain. The work inside the house has come to a standstill. We are demanding a discussion on inflation.

There are agitations in the House on the issue of unemployment. We want discussion in the house regarding Agneepath outside also. ED wants to talk about misuse of CBI. We are continuously making demands in the House, for this we felt that let’s meet the President once and have our say. She is the supreme of the country and the supreme of the house, whether it is Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. We come here only on his call. We tried to march from Vijay Chowk towards him ie Rashtrapati Bhavan, during which we were taken into custody.

When we are agitating, at that time a journalist asked where we want to go, then we said that we want to go to the President, ‘Rashtrapatni’ came out of my mouth. It’s a mistake. I am a Bengali Indian man, I am not a Hindi speaker, I have lost my mind, there was no mistake in our intention, he is in the highest position of the country, we respect him. Today in the House also we were not given a chance to express our views. The ruling party accuses me and stalls the house.

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Adhir Ranjan had further said that you only tell that the leader of our party is a woman herself, if we cannot respect women, then how do we go after listening to our party president.

Mr Chowdhury, however, has held on to his claim that the comment was on account of “slip of the tongue” due to language barrier – that he is a Bengali and not proficient in Hindi – which the BJP has punctured as a bad excuse.

When the controversy erupted on Wednesday, Mr Chowdhury had made it clear he would not apologise to the BJP, but would meet with President Murmu and apologise to her directly “a hundred times” if she says she was hurt by his remark.

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