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Increase in price of petrol and diesel a boon or bane?

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The hike in the price of petrol and diesel has reached to a new height at different cities in India creating a huge drawback for all the people who travel with their own conveyance. Today, almost everyone is dependent on their vehicle for travelling from one place to another but with the rise of fuel price with every upcoming day has caused inconvenience to the common man.

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So much so the opposition voiced the problems of common man caused by the increment in the price of diesel and petrol through a nationwide Bharat band protest. As known to many, fuel is one of the basic needs for almost everyone, be it the common man to industrialists to businessmen.

But the utmost effect of increase in price of petrol and diesel have affected the youth who somehow have to use their own conveyance to travel from far off places to their school or colleges but after the increment in the price everyday they surely will have to think twice before using their scooter or bike to travel.

Talking about the impact of increment in fuel prices on youth, a student of private college said: “Increment in price of petrol and diesel in fraction of paisa everyday is a kind of indirect robbery with the common man which is an unfair move of the ruling government and the price of petrol and diesel have increased to such an extent that it is comparatively expensive than the price of fuel in other countries which is again an unfair treatment with us.”

On the other hand talking with another student who do not have any self-owned vehicle comparatively said: “This huge increase in the price of petrol in diesel is not affecting me as I do not own any vehicle but if I would travel with my own conveyance it would definitely effect my daily life to a greater extent.”

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Therefore the only conclusion that is drawn after talking to different people is that the price of fuel directly or indirectly is affecting everyone’s life and each one is expecting an alternative by the ruling government for the increased price of petrol and diesel.

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