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India Allocates ₹2,900 Crores for Aircraft to Enhance Navy’s Surveillance

The medium-range, multi-mission maritime reconnaissance aircraft is set to enhance the "surveillance and interdiction capabilities of the Indian Navy",

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
India Allocates ₹2,900 Crores for Aircraft to Enhance Navy’s Surveillance

New Delhi: In a strategic move to enhance its maritime capabilities in the Indian Ocean region, India has approved the acquisition of over a dozen maritime surveillance aircraft from aviation giant Airbus SE. Valued at an estimated 290 billion rupees ($3.5 billion), the medium-range, multi-mission maritime reconnaissance aircraft aims to bolster the surveillance and interdiction capabilities of both the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard across the expansive maritime domain.

Acquisition Council’s Decision

The decision to reinforce India’s surveillance aircraft fleet was made by an acquisition council chaired by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday. The procurement plan includes nine aircraft for the Indian Navy and six for the Coast Guard. Notably, Airbus will produce four of the C-295 planes in its European facilities for swift deployment, while the remaining aircraft will be manufactured in India through collaboration with Tata Advanced Systems, a joint venture partner.

Advanced Capabilities for Maritime Operations

Designed for anti-submarine and surface warfare, the maritime versions of the aircraft will be equipped with a sensor and weapons system developed by India’s Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO). This move follows the Indian Air Force’s selection of the same aircraft in 2021 to replace its outdated transport fleet.

Strengthening India’s Position in the Indian Ocean

India, actively engaged in anti-piracy operations in the Arabian Sea with warships and long-range maritime surveillance aircraft, anticipates that the addition of these medium-range maritime surveillance aircraft will significantly enhance its operational capabilities in the strategically crucial Indian Ocean region.

In a parallel development, India’s defense ministry has greenlit the purchase of six new refueling aircraft for the Indian Air Force, further fortifying the nation’s defense capabilities.

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