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“India is witnessing the death of democracy” , RaGa as Congress protest inflation

By Priyanka Verma 
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New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in a press conference on Friday ahead of the party’s proposed protest against inflation and unemployment, “We are witnessing the death of democracy. This country built in 70 years was destroyed in 8 years.” The brick and stone that India has built almost a century ago is being destroyed before your eyes. Anyone who stands up against this idea of ​​the beginning of a dictatorship is viciously attacked, jailed thrown, arrested and beaten up.”

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He further said, “The idea is that people’s issues whether price rise, unemployment, violence in the society should not be raised. This is the only agenda of the government. The government is being run to protect the interests of 4-5 people. ” And this dictatorship is being run by 2 people in the interest of 2-3 big businessmen. Question you all want. There is absolutely nothing there, everyone knows it.”

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Rahul Gandhi further said that, ‘We are not allowed to speak in Parliament, we are arrested on the road, this is the condition of India today. In the current environment, the media cannot show courage. In a democracy, the opposition fights on the strength of institutions. Meaning the country has a legal structure, there is an electoral structure, which is the media of the country. The opposition stands on its strength, but in all these institutions the government has put its people.

The Congress leader also said that, ‘Not every institution in India is free, fair today. Today every institution of India is under the control of RSS. We are not fighting against just one political party, we are fighting against the entire infrastructure of India. When we had a government, the infrastructure was fair. We did not control the infrastructure, then there used to be a fight between the political parties.

He further added, “I think the macroeconomic fundamentals she is talking about are something else. I don’t think the finance minister has any understanding, zero understanding of what is happening in India’s economy. He There it is in the form of the mouthpiece.” During the press conference, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, “No one ever imagined that such a time would come in the country when people would be seen ending for the tricolors.”

He said that, ‘At present, the entire financial infrastructure is with them, if anyone wants to support the other party, then ED, CBI is imposed against him. BJP-Sangh is a financial monopoly. Today the highest unemployment is in India, inflation is increasing. Don’t know whether these figures are being visible to the Finance Minister or he has been told that just keep on speaking anything. Attacking the Center, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘Truth is one, but perception is made different.

It is said that the complete transformation has been done with Startup India. But you show where is Startup India? Startup India is throwing people on the road. The UN is saying 5 million people have died, but the government is saying they are lying. There were piles of dead bodies in Gujarat, similarly you saw in the Ganges, lakhs of people had died. But the Government of India was saying that this is not the truth.

He said, ‘Unemployment is increasing, but the government of India is saying that this is not the truth. Similarly, inflation is increasing, but the Finance Minister of India is saying that there is no inflation. The entire communication structure is in his hands. The more I speak the truth, the more I will be attacked. My problem is that I speak the truth, I am not afraid. I will do my work to stand up for the defense of democracy, I will work to raise the issue of inflation and unemployment. Then there will be more attacks on me.’

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