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India mulls putting a spacecraft on Venus in a very short time: S Somnath

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India has successfully sent its missions to the Moon and Mars earlier, making the nation a space-faring nation. The Indian Space and Research Organisation (ISRO) is gearing up to send an orbiter to Earth’s mysterious twin — Venus. India has the capability of building and launching a mission to Venus, ISRO chairman S. Somnath said during a one-day meeting to discuss space-based studies.

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The ISRO chairman said that work on the mission has been going on for years and that the space agency is ready with a mission plan and the funds needed to sustain the exploration.

Currently, the Venus mission is conceived, the project report is made, the overall plans are ready, the money is identified, and the entire thing is done. Building and putting a mission on Venus is possible for India in a very short space of time, as the capability today exists with India, “Somnath said.

Venus an important mission

India has been emerging as a strong force in the sending of low-cost interplanetary missions; the next target is Venus to explore asteroids in the future. The one-day conference is being held by ISRO to discuss its mission and objectives for the orbiter. With this, the space agency is ready to venture into new research areas that have not been touched previously.

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The ISRO chairman said that the mission team will work on identifying the uniqueness of the mission, similar to what we saw with the Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan missions. The goal is to review what unique additional knowledge observations can be made and ensure that we are not repeating what has already been done. Repeating some of them is not a crime, but if we bring uniqueness, it will have an impact globally. It will be hailed only if it is unique, just like Chandrayaan and the Mars mission, “Somnath said.

Aside from the ISRO orbiter mission, NASA has been mulling sending two spacecraft to study Venus and determine its similarities to Earth. The American space agency has assigned nearly $1 billion to its mission to Venus. The aim of the mission is to do research on how Venus became an inferno-like world because it is similar to Earth in several ways.

ISRO has not issued any deadline yet for the mission as work begins on building the spacecraft.


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