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International Dance Day 2022: Know the physical and mental health benefits of dancing

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Lucknow: The world celebrates International Dance Day every year on 29th April, 2022. The day is celebrated to honour dancing, a form of art that crosses any political, cultural, and ethnic boundaries. Dance is one of the best and most fun fitness exercises if you are not lifting heavy weights and making painful stretches.

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The day aims to encourage participation and education in dance. It further showcases the diversity as well as beauty of dance as a form of art. If you ask a person around you what is that one activity that allows you to express yourself, undeniably, half of them will say dancing. Whether behind closed doors or openly amidst hundreds of viewers on stage, each one of us has at least once in our lives enjoyed dancing.

International Dance Day happens to be the birth anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet. This year, International Dance Day will mark its 40th anniversary.

On this day, people gather together for events and activities that are held all over the world. International Dance Day was founded by the Dance Committee of International Theatre Institute (ITI) in 1982.

Keeping a tab on your mental health is necessary while juggling these difficult times. With uncertainty around the world, it is important to maintain calm in between the chaos. Our mental health influences our behavior throughout the day. Dance is one of the beneficial ways to deal with unwanted anxiety. So while celebrating the International dance day we have listed a few dance forms along with their health benefits:

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International Dance Day is also celebrated to spread the message of the benefits of dance. Below are some of them:

Improves Flexibility: Dancing adds mobility to your body and thus improves flexibility. A flexible body has reduced the chances of injuries and joint pains.

Boosts memory: Dance is an excellent form of mental exercise. Adding dance to your daily routine can improve memory and support cognitive skills.

Combats stress: Most people dance to uplift their mood. Dancing is said to be a good way to de-stress as it helps to fight symptoms of depression. By moving your body to the beats of music, you can let loose, be yourself and end up de-stressing your mind.

Good for heart: You might have heard many people saying Dancing is a great form of cardio workout, it wasn’t said in vain. Dancing regularly in heart balances heart rate and also reduces cholesterol. People who dance 3 to 4 times a week for more than half an hour are believed to have better stamina and breathing thus contributing to better heart health.

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Weight Loss: Zumba, Aerobics and Salsa are all forms of dance and exercises too. Dance involves heavy movements and leads to sweating, which in turn, leads to weight loss.

Helps to keep a sense of balance and stability: Dance helps in increasing flexibility of the body as well as improves balance. Those who dance on a regular basis will be able to stabilise and gain better control of their body.

Glowing skin: A 45 minute dance workout helps to improve blood circulation and skin cell detoxification. You will notice your skin glowing with lesser pimples and firmer texture. Collagen production also improves with dancing. It may also help in regulating hormones in the body. Overall, dancing will also benefit your skin and make it healthier.

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