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Interpretation given by BJP on Rahul’s statement on Rafale is distorted: Congress

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New Delhi: Clarifying Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s statement over Rafale judgement by Supreme Court, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said that Rahul Gandhi did not intend to distort Supreme Court’s statement instead interpretation given by the Bharatiya Janata Party on Rahul’s statement is completely distorted.

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“Nobody can suggest and nobody was intending to suggest and nobody has suggested that the
Supreme Court in a judicial order will see political campaign word like ”chowkidar chor”. How can that be the intention of any one and it was certainly not the intention. It was misled, distorted out of context and we will give a full fitting reply,” he said.

BJP Lok Sabha lawmaker Lekhi filed a complaint against Rahul Gandhi for distorting Supreme Court’s order after he allegedly distorted the judgement made by SC.

Singhvi further went on to say: “It is fair enough. That is the legal process. It is a notice and the BJP is bound to cite it as a final order of judgment and we all know that they are equally guilty of distorting if they allege distortion by us, if they call it a final order.”
He stressed that the court has only given a notice to Mr Gandhi to explain his position.

“You can be rest assured that we will give a comprehensive, strong effective explanation. Let me be very clear the words are obvious there for everyone to see, nobody is squabbling on the word.
The interpretation given by the BJP is completely distorted and we will present to the court how, why and in what manner.” he said.

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