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Is ban on TikTok, worthwhile or unreasonable?

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The applications that were designed for youngsters to have fun are now becoming an addiction, from the era of having fun in the playground to the era of playing games in the smartphone somewhere depicts the level of addiction of youngsters these days. Two of the most used applications by almost every youngster include PubG and TikTok while both the apps are extremely famous amongst youth and their addiction towards it is well-witnessed these days on social networking sites.

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The High Court of Madras recently imposed a ban on TikTok and the major reason behind banning it is that the future of the youngsters and mindset of the children are spoiled. But the question here arises that banning TikTok is unreasonable or worthwhile? Rightly said, “Every coin has two sides” similarly the reactions by youngsters on the ban are both negative and positive. While some said that the ban is violating their freedom and the others said that this could be the most sensible decision as TikTok videos only remind them of youngsters being unemployed.

TikTok is an app that allows lip-syncing, adapting dialogues from movies and making videos but it’s alright unless one use an app for fun but when youngsters start risking their lives for making videos and getting maximum hits, the problem arises. Recently, a youth lost his life while making a video on TikTok when a pistol he was using in the video went off accidentally.

Banning the app will only help when no similar application will be available for the youth to download from Google Play Store because there are similar applications that are available online including Like App, Dubsmash, Viva Video, Vigo Video to name a few and these apps provide almost similar features like TikTok and not banning the similar applications might shift their addiction from one app to another.

The initiative was taken by Tamil Nadu to request a ban on the TikTok application after a series of incidents that happened in which a youth lost his life while making video and a controversial video was posted on TikTok and since then Tamil Nadu Information Technology minister M Manikandan had asked Centre’s help to place this ban.

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