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Is Cosmetic surgery a blessing or curse?

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The world is not ready to accept people the way they look neither are people complacent with the way they are and with the development of medical field to such extent that one can even change their features and face through cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Rightly said that, ‘Everything has its own pros and cons’, similarly cosmetic surgery has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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The existence of cosmetic surgery in the world is way too old as the cosmetic surgery was founded in 1985 but the frequent adoption of it has increased to a great extent in the recent times. Be it actors from Hollywood or Bollywood almost everyone have gone through a cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their facial features and jaw line basically.

Cosmetic surgery is classified into various types and serves according to the need of a person as to which feature of the face does that person wants to undergo a surgery.

Earlier than this, there have been several reports informing about few cosmetic surgeries that have proved to be a complete failure and bizarre while these reports raise a big question on whether cosmetic surgery is a blessing or curse for people out there?

When pardaphash.com asked few people about their views on the same, majority of the people said that for them cosmetic surgery is a curse following to news that few actors have completely destroyed their face by undergoing a cosmetic surgery and also the risk of a problem that might arise internally in one’s body after injecting artificial medicines into the face.

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