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Is freedom of speech and expression being misused?

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Freedom of speech and expression is our fundamental rights but when rights are either not used appropriately or misused causes a major issue in the country. Speaking up for yourself and others in an undignified manner is not freedom of speech and expression instead the right comes up with various guidelines and responsibility.

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It is common these days for people to give derogatory remark against each other and calling it their right. As the citizen of India, we have been given certain fundamental rights but each right is for a reason and can be only used in the place where it serves the required necessity.

Famous personalities especially in the political world forget that they are representatives of our country and speak out comments and statements which are inappropriate for them to speak being a public figure and then defending their statements through right of freedom and expression is even more shameful.

Talking about the television industry, advertisements are a source of income for the TV industry but the cinematography of few advertisements is extraordinarily unwanted for example people call it the use of their freedom of speech and expression when they objectify women in the advertisements telecasted on television. Or else what is point of featuring six girls around a man who is advertising for a men’s perfume?

This is a major concern for the nation as well as for the people because we have been given fundamental rights to use it in an appropriate situation otherwise people these days are deteriorating the importance of the fundamental rights by misusing it.

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