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Featured: Is social trolling spreading hatred online?

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Earlier in the past, making fun of each other just to have fun together was limited to friend circle, family and siblings but now fun is no longer considered funny instead it has been replaced by a term called ‘trolling’ which is majorly prevalent on social media on a wider scale. Neitzens call trolling a trend but it’s actually about judging someone unknown and commenting on their personal lives.

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Talking especially about famous personalities of the world, people troll them brutally and judge every upcoming post on celebrities social media accounts. There have been times when celebrities have spoken openly about social trolling by the trollers but since it’s been a usual thing these days it hardly affect them.

But, somehow social trolling is spreading hatred online among the people because the negative comments they post on a picture of a celebrity they hate commence an online war between their fans and haters which in turn spread disturbances among unknowns.

People connected to celebrities are also not spared by the trollers , recently actor Ajay Devgn was frustrated with his daughter being trolled on her appearance on the social media while not only this there are many other actors who have given furious reactions on trollers trolling their family members.

In a bag of mixed reactions, some people said that trolling is not about spreading hatred but it’s about expressing one’s point of view towards a person while few others feel that it is one of the worst trends in social media.

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