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Is tech savvy generation making us advanced or inferior?

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It will not be wrong to say that the synonym for children and youngsters these days is Tech savvy, one cannot believe to their own eyes when seeing children of merely 8-10years handle smartphone with extra smartness than their age. They are well-versed of almost every feature of almost all the tech savvy equipments in the market specially the gaming ones.

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It will be very rare to see children play in the ground in coming future because these days everyone is happy with their own little tech savvy life. Although, this improved technology is somehow making our work much easier and making kid’s smarter but excessive use of anything can destroy our thinking capability.

In this digital world, being technically smart and having good knowledge to operate tech savvy equipments is the need of the hour. Not only children and youngsters but the elderly people are also very much dependent on technology for their day to day work, these days smart homes are increasing in numbers and within pressing one button things are done swiftly but this is somehow making man the servant of technology because people refrain from doing things manually that requires hard work.

The question here arises that whether tech savvy generation is making us advanced or inferior?
While the reaction or answer to this is mixed because some believe that tech savvy generation have made things easier than before while few believe that this is making technology superior then humans.

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