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It’s a big week for busy Lions, read your weekly horoscope for Jan 10-16

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Relationships with work colleagues, clients and/or customers will be a veritable minefield this week, as your (limited) patience and (under-used) diplomatic skills are tested. Trying to rush matters (and people) won’t help. Smart Rams will strive to be extra tolerant and understanding. You’ll also feel physically and mentally tired (especially on Tuesday and Wednesday) when Neptune squares Mars, and you’ll find energy and motivation levels are low. So pace yourself.


Your involvement with a group, class, club or organisation has other people looking to you for extra inspiration. So use your networking skills to drum up support, and don’t be afraid to ask others for assistance when you need it. The more energy you put into helping others, the more smoothly the week will progress. Your motto for the moment is from birthday great Martin Luther King. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”


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Money planet Venus is reversing through your ‘money-from-others’ zone, and commerce planet Mercury turns retrograde (from Friday until February 4). So money matters look complicated and confusing, especially if your finances are linked with a friend or family member. Avoid making any major fiscal moves until everyone is singing from the same song-sheet. Later in the week, avoid garrulous gossip and don’t let your busy-body side get the better of you.


The Sun, Pluto, Saturn, retrograde Venus and retrograde Mercury are all in your relationship zones, which really packs a punch! These planets activate your intensely moody and tempestuous side, so tread carefully. Make it a priority to use your powerful energy in positive ways. Avoid getting drawn into arguments (in person, when texting and online) and strive to keep your possessive streak under control. Do your best to be a composed Crab!


It’s a big week for busy Lions, as the Sun (your ruling planet) makes positive connections with Neptune and Pluto. Creativity and intensity are highlighted as you express your inner muse and power through projects. Compassion is also high but so is confusion. Make sure you are extra careful when it comes to money. With Venus and Mercury retrograde, it’s not a good time to make expensive purchases, sign contracts or borrow money (especially from friends).

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Your ruler goes retrograde from Friday until February 4. Mercury is the planet of communication, travel, commerce, computers, media and the internet. So – when it’s reversing – it’s not a suitable time to sign contracts; start a job or business; buy a phone, computer or car; or embark on a big holiday. Mercury retrograde IS a suitable time to do anything with an RE in front of it – revise, rehearse, research, revisit, refund, rethink, reschedule and re-do 


Many Librans will be preoccupied with home and family, which could include decorating, renovating, relocating or welcoming an additional family member. It’s also time to express yourself as you write, act, dance, draw, paint, perform, play music or sing up a storm. But a relationship with a relative or close friend looks confusing, as things move at a snail’s pace … or even slide backwards! Persistence and determination will win out in the end.


Your compulsive side shifts into top gear. Conversations will be very intense, as the Sun hooks up with your ruler Pluto in your communication zone; love planet Venus is still retrograde; and Mercury reverses through your family zone (from Friday until February 4). So you’re in the mood to get deep-and-meaningful with someone special. But be very careful what you say. Close relationships are confusing, still waters run deep and all is not as it seems!

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This week Venus continues reversing through your finance zone (until January 29) and Mercury starts reversing through your communication zone (until February 4). So be careful with money, watch what you post online, and avoid getting carried away and telling tall tales. If you exaggerate and are somewhat elastic with the truth, then you could end up with egg on your Sagittarian face. As always, 100% honesty is definitely the best policy.


Capricorns are set for a busy week as the Sun, Pluto and Venus all activate your sign and you’re keen to contribute your time and talents to a worthy cause in your local community. But the Mars/Neptune square saps confidence on Tuesday and Wednesday, when your energy is curbed or other people may criticise your efforts. Plenty of patience will see you through. So your motto is from philosopher Aristotle “Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.”


The Sun, Pluto and retrograde Venus are visiting your solitude and spiritual zone. So activities like meditation, contemplation, prayer and yoga will help you handle stress. The magical Sun-Neptune link also boosts your artistic nature and stirs your humanitarian soul. So it’s a wonderful weekend to express your creative muse or help someone in need. Be inspired by Capricorn writer and poet Kahlil Gibran, “It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”


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Mars and your ruler Neptune are at odds, so expect confusion and low motivation as you find yourself lost in a quagmire of Piscean possibilities. Plus you need to be cautious this week. If something looks too good and too amazing to be true, then it probably is! You also need to be careful what you eat, drink and ingest, as you’re more inclined to food allergies or medication reactions. So make sure you are sensible, conserve your energy and pace yourself.

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