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It’s time to formulate personal goals, plan future with weekly horoscope for Sep 6-12

By Saima Siddiqui 
Updated Date


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Monday night’s New Moon is the best time of the year to set intentions and make wishes involving work, habits, health, diet, exercise and your daily routine. Creative Rams can have short attention spans. But this week, Mars and Pluto give you the energy and motivation to follow your plans through to a successful conclusion. So make the most of it and get moving! Be inspired by fellow Aries, actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin, “Imagination means nothing without doing.”


The Sun and Uranus boost your Bullish restlessness, plus Pluto and Mars activate your knowledge and adventure zone. So start thinking about where you’d like to go travelling next year – physically and/or mentally. Despite pandemic problems and travel restrictions, don’t let anyone dim your curiosity or diminish your dreams. So your motto for the moment is from birthday great, writer and poet D. H. Lawrence, “Life is travelling to the edge of knowledge, and then going beyond.”


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The New Moon promises a fresh start on the home front. Plus Venus and Mercury activate your entertainment zone, which puts you in the mood for creative communication. Sharing a sport or hobby with a relative or close friend brings mutual benefits (but don’t promise more time and effort than you can actually deliver). Attached Twins – plan a special romantic rendezvous with your sweetheart. For some singles, an established platonic relationship could lead to long-term love.


Mighty Mars gives you the confidence to approach challenges with a positive and proactive plan and the New Moon encourages you to talk through issues with the people around you. With Mercury and Venus both visiting your domestic zone, it’s time to enjoy home sweet home, as you cocoon in cosy comfort or entertain in low-key style. So your quote for the coming week is from Virgo philosopher Goethe “He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”


The New Moon and Mars shift the focus to financial matters. Lions are drawn to luxury- living and you’re inclined to buy expensive things that you really don’t need. This week, do your best to avoid being an impatient, impulsive binge shopper. The more creatively and proactively you nurture your nest egg, the more it will gradually grow. The Sun/Uranus trine encourages you to sparkle and shine in your own unique way. Open the doors of perception and let the sunshine in!

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On Monday night the silvery New Moon lights up your sign. So it’s the best week of the year to update your wardrobe; change your appearance; launch a project; apply for a job or start a new phase of your life. Not sure where to begin? Frustrated by ongoing pandemic problems? Mighty Mars is also moving through Virgo (until September 14). So it’s time to take on challenges with a proactive approach and a courageous attitude. This week, fortune definitely favours the bold and the brave.


This week Mercury and Venus are visiting your sign. So you’ll be able to put a positive spin on a perceived failure, as you metaphorically transform an ugly pig’s ear into a beautiful silk purse. But do you feel stuck in the middle of a complicated family drama? If you want to get a recalcitrant relative onside, then tap into your natural negotiation talents as you get creative, answer queries, clarify concerns and smooth furrowed brows. Peace-loving, diplomatic Librans to the rescue!


Education, joint ventures and group projects are favoured this week, as you display your leadership skills for all to see. There are opportunities for advancement via connections within your local community, but it will take creative teamwork and sustained effort to turn a lucky break into a long-term success. It’s also time to get some firm direction, as you formulate and articulate your personal goals and dreams for the future. Remember – you can’t hit a target if you haven’t got one.

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Revisit your current goals and take steps to make them a reality. But, when it comes to controversial conversations, keep your cool and avoid the temptation to over-talk and over- react. You can’t control what others say but you can control your response. There could also be some tension between shining brightly at work and fulfilling your personal responsibilities to family and friends. Remember – if anyone can juggle, multi-task and have fun, it’s a versatile and hilarious Sagittarius.


Pluto is still transiting slowly through your sign, which boosts your drive and amplifies your ambition. But this powerful planet also cranks up your controlling side, which can alienate you from others. This week Mars and Venus help you balance steely determination with a deft diplomatic touch. Monday’s lucky Venus/Jupiter connection certainly boosts your Capricorn charisma as you charm friends, impress professional colleagues and influence important people. Go Goats!


Each New Moon indicates a shift of gear in a particular area of life and, this week, the heavens highlight a fresh start involving money matters, an intimate relationship or trust issues. The fabulous Sun/Uranus trine also revs up your quirky Aquarian nature and your bohemian spirit. So be inventive and do something different that makes your hippie heart sing! Be inspired by birthday great, writer D. H. Lawrence “I want to live my life so that my nights are not full of regrets.”


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Avoid being a passive Piscean. Being proactive about solving problems is the key to positive partnerships at the moment. So stop procrastinating and instead, start communicating about what you really require in relationships. Don’t expect others to be able to magically read your mind. Be articulate and ask plenty of questions. This week the best way to utilise your over- active imagination is through creative pursuits like photography, art, drama, dance, singing, writing and music.

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