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Japan issues warning about power supply amidst heatwave

By wasmulhaq 
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Tokyo: The Japanese government issued a warning on Monday to the people of the Tokyo region about power shortages, urging people to conserve energy as much as possible as the country has been passing through an intense heatwave.

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The earliest end to the annual summer rainy season, according to weather officials, is one of the causes of the country’s power crisis.

The economy and industry ministry asked people to conserve power, especially in the afternoon, because its demand reaches  its highest point around 4–5 pm.

According to Kaname Ogawa, director of electricity supply policy, power demand will remain high on Monday due to the announcement of higher temperatures than expected on Sunday.

Unusual heat has created havoc this season for the country. Ogawa said to people, “Please try to cooperate with the government and try to save power as much as possible.”

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Ogawa, however, said people should use air conditioning appropriately and take precautions against heat stroke.

The Japanese archipelago has recorded high temperatures in the month of June in some areas of the country. In Isezaki, north of Tokyo, the temperature touched 40.2 degrees on Saturday, the highest ever in the month of June.

Due to adverse heat, 250 people were taken to hospitals in Tokyo over the weekend. Most of them suffered heat stroke, as per the Mainichi newspaper.

Power supply is affected in Japan as the country makes its nuclear reactors inactive after 2011 meltdowns in Fukushima. The nation has also shut down its old coal plants to meet dipping carbon emissions. Currently, Japan has been facing a shortage of fossil fuel imports due to sanctions against Russia over its attack on Ukraine.

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