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Kamal Haasan on demonetization: It was mistake on my part

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Chennai: In what can be termed as surprise, Kamal Haasan has issued an apology for supporting Narendra Modi government’s demonetization policy in a hurry.

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The actor has issued an apology in a column for Tamil magazine.

Haasan’s remark comes over a month after he said he will not hesitate to join hands with any party, including the BJP if it is for administration’ and doesn’t hinder basic tenets that include a fight against corruption.

“I owe it to the people to apologise for supporting the plan in a hurry,” said Haasan in the article titled – A big apology.

However, he further stated that he was filled with doubt as the government did not have a strong response to the criticism made by several economists.

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Kamal Haasan also stated that if the PM accepts his mistake without being adamant, then one more Salaam is waiting for him. “Gandhi was able to do it, today also it is possible,” he added.


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