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Kapil Sibal releases sting video proving Amit Shah to be the mastermind behind Demonetization scam

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New Delhi: Unleashing the biggest scam undertaken by the Bhartiya Janata Party through demonetization, Congress leader Kapil Sibal released a sting video through which he assured the currency exchange conducted by the BJP government after demonetization. Back in 8th November, 2016 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization many leaders from the opposition party have been calling it a scam since then but no proper investigation have been done regarding the same.

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In the entire scam dictated by Sibal, he stated that the whole exchange of money was conducted under the supervision of BJP chief Amit Shah while the currency from various business houses and ministers that had to be exchanged were brought in planes to Hindon Air Base and taken to the Reserve Bank at a charge of 35-40%.

Referring to the investigation agencies, Kapil Sibal stated: “The biggest scam in India’s history is demonetisation… It is sad that our agencies will investigate the opposition, but not those in power.”

Criticizing the Election Commission of not taking any action despite of the opposition giving so many complaints and sting videos against BJP, Sibal said: “We have given them (the Election Commission) so many complaints. They are not acting and we don’t have the time to go to court since there is hardly any time.”

Via his press conference, Sibal released a sting video in which the alleged demonetization scam is clearly unveiled. He has also named a RAW official Rahul Shrirang Ratharekar whose Field Assistant-Cabinet Secretary ID card is visible in the video. Others who are allegedly involved in the scam and are visible in the video include Sanjay Channe (Indusind Bank Manager from Mumbai Fort Branch, Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and others.

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Here’s a picture of the duplicate notes printed and stored at MIDC:-

Highlights of the released sting video:

  1. Rahul along with his wife are seen having their dinner and talking about their detailed RAW background. Further, Rahul states that the corrupt system do not allow anyone to remain honest for long.
  2. He then revealed as to how duplicate currency notes were brought to India by Air Force Transport planes and he also disclosed the exact amount of 3 series of 1 Lakh crore each had been printed in duplicate.
  3. Clearly naming party chief Amit Shah heading the entire scam, he shared the details of how Shah controlled the entire exchange.
  4. He explains how the exchange transaction percentages increased from 1.5% initially to 35-40% while emphasizing that a fixed % had to be remitted regularly up the chain which was headed by Amit Shah.
  5. A special recruitment of 26 people from various departments was done just to keep a check and report transactions to their head Amit Shah, he said.
  6. He further stated that no local investigation agencies were allowed to interfere in the entire process and if they did interfere, they also faced tough consequences regarding the same.
  7. Bragging his own contribution in the entire scam, Rahul said that he has been one of the best supporting and performing field supervisor.
  8. Revealing shocking amount of whopping Rs. 20,000 crore, that he himself had completed from CBD Belapur RBI, Navi Mumbai.
  9. He doesn’t stop here. He goes onto explains the misuse of Reliance Jio data to show repetitive currency exchange in RBI.
  10. Much prior to the announcement of demonetization, the exchange of currency had started and he also confirmed the jaw-dropping news that the new currency with Urjit Patel signatures was actually printed six months earlier than November.

Sibal states that since the entire video extends for several hours, the same can be accessed from www.tnn.world

Here is the video of Kapil Sibal’s press conference:-

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