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Keyhole Surgery helpful for Joint Preservation to avoid knee replacement

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Lucknow: Arthritis is nowadays a growing concern for both old aged and a considerable number of youth, for which they have to undergo a Total Knee Replacement ultimately. However newer methods of treatment and surgery are emerging as solution to prevent joint damage and to avoid or delay joint replacement any further. Recent advances in orthopaedics directed towards saving joints from damage, i.e. “Joint Preservation Procedures”. Arthroscopic surgeries and Realignment procedures like HTO.

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Arthroscopic Surgery now allow minor and major surgical procedures to be performed through a small opening in the size of a keyhole through which surgeons can visualize, diagnose and treat problem inside a joint is the Keyhole Surgery, also known as Arthroscopic or Minimal Invasive Surgery. The keyhole surgery that is used to treat joint pain, ligament injuries, cartilage damage, fractures; even cartilage transplant can be done. This is now a more common, simpler solution for faster recovery and preservation of normal joint functions.

High Tibial Osteotomy(HTO) is the method which is used to correct or alter the load bearing line on the patient’s and hence preventing further joint damage and saving patients the natural joints.

Keyhole surgery is a less invasive technique usually performed as a DAY- CARE surgery and has a remarkable quick recovery. The surgery is used to diagnose the causes and symptoms of persistent joint pain, swelling and stiffness. Keyhole surgery involves repair of torn ligaments, removal of loose bone or cartilage in knees, shoulder, elbow, ankle, wrist, repair or resection of torn cartilage and removal of inflamed lining. Senior consultant of Radius Joint Surgery Hospital Dr. Sanjai Kumar Srivastava said, “Patients now have a less invasive keyhole surgery by which the arthritis patients’ natural joints are preserved by correcting their body’s load bearing axis. This surgery may make patients asymptomatic for a span of 10-15 years. These advanced and less invasive surgical treatments are available, but majority of people are unaware of these solutions which give an option to prevent joint damage, slower down the progression of damage and patients natural joints can function for lifetime.” With a hope of lifetime functioning of joint and avoiding Knee replacement.

Benefits of keyhole surgery

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Keyhole surgery is more preferable over ‘open surgery’ as it benefits patients in a lot more ways. It reduces blood loss hence, lowers the chances of needing blood transfusion any further, the risk of infection is almost negligible and the pain & the need for pain medication is less. The smaller incision reduces pain and fast recovery. As the incision is very small, the smaller scar can heal much more quickly. This surgery is often done as a day-case surgery, so it needs a less recovery period and patients can return to their normal life much faster.

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