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Know what star holds for you; Read week prediction for January 18-24

By Saima Siddiqui 
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When it comes to your career, education, vocation or volunteer work, keep on keeping on. If you put in 100% care and commitment (plus handle colleagues, classmates, clients and/or customers with extra tact and patience) then you’ll slowly reap the Ram rewards. With Jupiter and Saturn activating your aspirations zone, focus on formulating fabulous new goals for the future. Be inspired by birthday great Dolly Parton, “I wake up with new dreams every day.”



Career changes are swirling around so you need to be practical and keep positive. Start asking some important questions. Is it time to look for a better job or a different vocation? Should you upskill or retrain? Maybe you need to work smarter, rather than harder? If you resist making changes then you’ll be left behind, as current circumstances push you to explore fresh professional pastures. A creative and innovative approach will eventually bring rewards.

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2021 is the year to extend your circle of influence and see what’s happening in the big wide world, as the planets activate your adventure zone. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn push you to expand your connections from local to international, via travel and/or the internet. With the current Covid restrictions this won’t be easy and you’ll encounter plenty offrustrating hurdles along the way. But – with passion and persistence – the benefits will eventually come.



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The planets pour on the pressure so close partnerships will be a veritable minefield and a tricky relationship (at home or work) will particularly test your patience and diplomatic skills. Trying to patch up a problem or rush a resolution won’t help. You’ll just have to pace yourself and be extra tolerant, perceptive and understanding. The more energy you put into helping other people (and viewing situations from their perspective) the better the week will be.



Expect a stop/start kind of week. Saturn pushes you to complete your to-do list and think things through. Whereas Uranus urges you to take a calculated risk, as you stir things up via a professional pitch, a career change, a romantic detour or an innovative joint venture. Attached Leo – get talking and collaborating with your partner. Take the time to find out what they are thinking and how they are feeling. Unhappily single? Look for a partner who is worldly and wise.



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Virgos are precise perfectionists and hate doing things a second time. That’s exactly what you’ll have to do this week as Saturn boosts your fastidious streak but Uranus and Mars mess up your weekly rhythm and daily routine. With Mercury (your patron planet) moving through innovative Aquarius, be flexible and think outside the box. Draw inspiration from birthday great Dolly Parton, “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.”



Close relationships look rather frustrating, as things move at a snail’s pace … or even slide backwards! Persistence and determination will win out in the end. Attached Librans – have the confidence to give your partner plenty of personal space. Singles – don’t confuse lust with love. Look for long-term satisfaction with someone who you can have a decent conversation with. The weekend is wonderful for spiritual pursuits, helping others or creative flights of fancy.


Relationships (of the romantic, business, platonic and family variety) will be very unsettled this week, as Mars and Uranus rachet up unpredictability levels. So don’t be surprised if someone hits you with some rather unexpected news from left field. Family responsibilities or domestic chores will also increase, as the Sun and Saturn hook up in your home zone. The weekend is a wonderful time to contribute to a community project or escape on a romantic rendezvous.


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This week Uranus and Mars throw an unpredictable spanner in the works and you’ll feel rather unsettled. Expect the unexpected … especially involving work, health, education and/or social media. You could also feel down-in-the-dumps about a personal issue or a family matter. Smart Sagittarius will lay low until the dust settles and you’re feeling more robust. It’s also important to give a sibling, friend or colleague the space and freedom to express themselves.



With Venus visiting Capricorn, you’ve got the power to charm others … just make sure you use it wisely. Trying to coerce or control other people could lead to problems, so step back and reassess the situation. The more you try to assert your authority, the more unpredictable the week will be. You can’t be the boss all the time, so strive to be more democratic! Do your best to use your strong energy to influence those around you in subtle, sensitive and smart ways.



This week the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are all jumping through your sign, which boosts your confidence and courage. It also allows you to draw on (and display) inner reserves of strength and fortitude that you sometimes forget exist deep within your contrary Aquarian nature. Draw extra inspiration from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ writer (and birthday great) A. A. Milne, “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”.



With four planets in your solitude zone, many Pisceans are feeling quite anti-social and you’re also hesitant to trumpet your talents. But – with Venus and Pluto in your peer group/business contacts zone – the more you get out and network, the more successful you’ll be. So your motto for the moment is from writer A. A. Milne (born on January 18, 1882). “You can’t stay in your corner waiting for others to come to you. Sometimes you have to go to them.”


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