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Know what your stars tell about your future, Weekly Horoscope for APRIL 12-18

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Prepare to pivot. It’s one of your luckiest weeks of the year so make the most of it! With four planets in Aries, confidence and self-belief will take you far. You’re keen to make connections with other people, as Mars and Jupiter highlight your communication and
networking zones. It’s a terrific time to initiate ideas and make waves within your circle of influence. Powerful and positive collaborations are the keys to future success, so roll up your sleeves and get cracking Rams.


People are looking to you for some sound leadership. Taurus is a fixed sign and you can be a very bossy, stubborn Bull. Aim to be more adaptable and adventurous this week, as you focus attention on helping those around you. Being of service to others sees you sparkle and shine. When Venus shifts into your sign mid-week, it’s time to catch up with close friends and call in a few old favours. When you’re firing on all cylinders, it’s hard for others to resist your bovine charms!


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Open, honest and considered communication is required this week. And expect an especially eventful weekend, when Mercury (your ruling planet) links up with Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. But make sure you don’t become the neighbourhood nosey-parker. Passing on unverified hear-say could lead to unpleasant consequences, so think long and hard Gemini before you spread secrets and garrulous gossip. What’s needed at the moment are kind words, helpful actions and noble deeds.


Relationships with loved ones or colleagues will be stressful as Pluto squares the Sun, Mercury and Venus which will increase workloads, limit patience and lengthen frustrations. If you are housebound with sick or bored family members then do your best to keep them comfortable, well-fed, well-hydrated and entertained. The weekend is a good time to don your detective cap, do some research, dig deep and uncover hidden information that other people have overlooked.


With the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto firing up your tempestuous nature, you’re amped up and ready to perform as you to let your hair down and overdo just about everything! But don’t let bossy overconfidence trip you up this week Cats. Your head’s full of ambitious dreams and spectacular schemes, but they’ll only work if you can persuade other people to contribute to Team Leo. You’ll find creative collaboration will take you a lot further than working as a solo operator.

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It’s action stations at work this week, as Mars and Jupiter turbo-charge your Virgo motivation and boost your determination. If you’re lacking confidence, then spend time with an Aries friend. Hopefully, some of their chutzpah and self-assurance will rub off on you! So your motto for the moment is from Aries actress, producer and entrepreneur Reese Witherspoon, “Confidence is everything.” The weekend is wonderful for reading, writing, learning, teaching and travelling.


With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all visiting your relationship zone, the buzz words this week are communication, consultation and cooperation. Your natural Libran talent for negotiation will get you through! Heed the wise words of actress, writer, activist and birthday great, Emma Thompson. “Any problem, big or small, always seems to start with bad communication.” It’s a good week to catch up with family and friends from faraway places, either in person or online.


Some stubborn Scorpios can too easily get stuck in a stultifying daily regime. This week it’s time to ricochet out of your usual routine and do something completely different. Variety is the spice of life, as you experiment with exciting new activities – and welcome sudden detours and disruptions. But the more you try to control others, the more they are likely to resist. So, if you want to avoid ongoing problems and power struggles, then learn to graciously let go and move on.

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Your ruler Jupiter links up with the Sun, Mars and Mercury. So you’re keen to create, activate and communicate (especially within your local community). Some caution is required though otherwise you could be drawn into power struggles with a child, teenager,
business colleague or close friend. As actress, writer and birthday great Emma Thompson reminds us, “Children don’t need much advice but they really do need to be listened to, and not just with half an ear.”


Powerful Pluto is still transiting through your sign, which amplifies your drive and ambition. But this week Pluto squares Venus, Mercury and the Sun, which will crank up your controlling side and encourage ego battles with others. So try to balance steely determination with a deft diplomatic touch. Saturday’s lucky Mars/Jupiter link brings a welcome reprieve as you charm work colleagues, clients or customers and influence important people with your can-do Capricorn plans.


Jupiter is jumping through quirky Aquarius, so you’ll feel like doing adventurous things. However – with serious Saturn also in your sign – your wings are being clipped by current circumstances (whether it’s Covid restrictions, sickness, cash flow problems or relationship dramas). This week Pluto also stirs up resentment in your local community, so be on the lookout for neighbourhood spies and watch what you say. Saturday is super for fashion, friends and fraternising.


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This week’s difficult Pluto squares (to the Sun, Venus and Mercury) could delay plans, exacerbate a misunderstanding with a friend or frustrate a financial situation. So do your best to proceed with a pragmatic attitude plus plenty of tact and caution. With Venus visiting your neighbourhood zone (from April 14 until May 9) expect increased social and educational activities in your local community. When it comes to an international problem; think global and act local.

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