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Know your key to a satisfying week, read Weekly horoscope for May 31-June 6

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Communicating well is the key to a satisfying week. But Mercury is in retrograde mode (until June 22) so don’t get carried away and exaggerate your ability to contribute. It’s much better to under-commit and over-deliver! A family member or a close friend is also looking to you for emotional support and encouragement. Not tactless comments, angry words or pointless power games. So simmer down, slip on your compassionate hat and adjust your approach accordingly.


If you expect planned projects to proceed at a cracking pace then you’ll be sadly disappointed. Mercury is in retrograde mode (until June 22) so everything will take longer than expected. Plus Neptune is poised to muddle proceedings and provide plenty of distracting detours along the way. Despite the current celestial obstacles, you still need to draw up a wish list of your goals for the future. Remember – you can’t hit a Bull’s-eye if you haven’t got one!


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Mercury is retrograde so avoid making important decisions (especially involving work) as your thoughts and feelings will fluctuate during the week. The more you express the artistic and humanitarian sides of your personality, the less confused you’ll feel. So it’s a great time to create and contemplate, plus help someone in need. Tricky Neptune aspects could also aggravate sensitivities or trigger allergic reactions, so steer clear of food, drink and drugs that don’t agree with you.


With Venus vamping into your sign (until June 27) it’s time for charismatic Crabs to sparkle and shine! Confidence is high (especially on Monday, Thursday and Friday) as you initiate a personal project or activate a creative joint venture. The planets also encourage you to dream big dreams, set ambitious goals and then work towards making your wishes come true. Be inspired by Hollywood legend (and birthday great) Marilyn Monroe, “We are all stars and deserve the right to twinkle.”


Quit complaining Lions! This week’s fabulous Sun/Saturn trine provides a golden opportunity to get real about who you are and where you’re going. So don’t waste it. Despite pandemic problems and Mercury retrograde disruptions, it’s time to draw up a plan, get creative, and start making your dreams come true. Be inspired by entertainer, activist and birthday great Josephine Baker (who was born on June 3, 1906) “To realise our dreams we must decide to wake up.”

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You’re keen to make some serious changes that could lead to more job satisfaction in the future. But Mercury is reversing through your work zone (until June 22) so avoid putting all your eggs in the career basket. Love, romance, fun, friendship and companionship are just as important. Your motto is from birthday great Marilyn Monroe, “A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.” On the weekend, be on alert for fake news and unrealistic expectations.


This week’s stars encourage your obsession with perfection. But Mercury is retro so things won’t run smoothly (especially involving education and travel). If you adapt to changing circumstances, and accept mistakes and misunderstandings with good grace, then you’ll manage fine. Heed the wise words of entertainer Beyonce (who has Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and her Ascendant in Libra). “If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.”


This week the planets shine a bright spotlight on your relationship with a child, teenager, lover or friend. Remember that Mercury is retrograde. If you don’t pay close attention to what other people are saying, then you’ll get your communication wires crossed. So listen up Scorpio! And you also need to be careful on the weekend. The Mars/Pluto opposition feeds on resentment and repressed anger. So try to express your pent-up feelings in appropriate and creative ways.

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Neptune and retro Mercury confuse communication, so be careful you’re not viewing people through ridiculously rose-coloured glasses. Intuitive insights are highlighted, but don’t get so carried away that you head into the realm of pure fantasy. When it comes to a major goal, are you and your partner on the same page? If you’re single, can you differentiate a dream date from a disappointing dud? Clever Archers will avoid making important decisions until you’re seeing things more clearly.


The Sun/Saturn trine will help you power through paperwork, take care of business or plan a creative project. You’ll feel focused and super fastidious. Just make sure that doesn’t translate into being an obsessive control-freak! Avoid being a gullible Goat on the weekend, when someone could try to pull the wool over your eyes (especially on social media). Stay alert. Aim to channel positive energy into friendships, neighbourhood connections or local community projects.


Nebulous Neptune and retrograde Mercury conspire to scramble your financial antennae. So it’s not a good week to borrow funds, make investments, go on a shopping spree or lend money to others (especially friends) because you’re liable to make fiscal decisions based on fluctuating emotions and confusing information. On Thursday and Friday, the Sun trines Saturn (in your sign) which favours pouring hard work and discipline into a creative project. Then you will really shine!


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This week’s Neptunian aspects put you in the box seat for indulging in some major Piscean procrastination. But is that really such a good idea? Do your best to be creative (rather than confused) and determined (rather than dazed). You can expect some setbacks and disappointments but so what? Don’t use it as an excuse to pack your bags, give up and go home. Be inspired by birthday great Clint Eastwood, “If something doesn’t come up the way you want, forge ahead.”

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