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Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Nawaf Dies at 86 After 3 Years in Power

Statement on Kuwaiti State TV Announces the Passing of Emir Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad Al-Sabah with Great Sadness and Sorrow.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Nawaf Dies at 86 After 3 Years in Power

On Saturday, the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, passed away at the age of 86, as announced by the royal court. Having served as the emir for three years, his death was conveyed through a statement aired on Kuwaiti state television.

Kuwait Mourns the Death of Emir Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad Al-Sabah

The official announcement expressed deep sorrow, stating, “With great sadness and sorrow, we mourn the death of Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Emir of the State of Kuwait.” In a symbolic gesture, Kuwaiti state television interrupted its regular programming and transitioned to a broadcast of Koranic recital before making the formal announcement of the emir’s passing.

In November, Sheikh Nawaf faced an emergency health problem, leading to his hospitalization, as reported by the official KUNA news agency. Although the details of his illness were not disclosed, he was later declared to be in stable condition.

Throughout his term, concerns about his health were common, given his advanced age. Sheikh Nawaf assumed the role of crown prince in 2006, appointed by his half-brother Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. Following Sheikh Sabah’s demise in September 2020 at the age of 91, Sheikh Nawaf ascended to the position of emir.


Emir Sheikh Nawaf’s Legacy: Steering Kuwait Through Economic Challenges and the Question of Succession

Sheikh Nawaf faced the challenge of navigating the economy through the 2020 oil price crisis. The current crown prince, Sheikh Mishal al-Ahmad al-Sabah, also a half-brother at the age of 83, is now under scrutiny regarding the possibility of introducing a younger generation ruler within the Al Sabah family. Kuwait, characterized by conservative values, maintains sovereign powers concentrated within the ruling Al Sabah family. Notably, the country houses the Gulf’s most active and influential parliament.

Persistent conflicts between elected lawmakers and cabinet ministers appointed by the ruling family have impeded developmental initiatives and deterred investors. Kuwait is currently on its fifth cabinet within a year, marked by a series of resignations and dissolved parliaments.

The ongoing political impasse has hindered essential reforms, stalled development projects, and resulted in neglected infrastructure and education, contributing to widespread discontent among the population. Born in 1937, Sheikh Nawaf was the fifth son of Kuwait’s late ruler Sheikh Ahmad al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who reigned from 1921 to 1950.

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