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Love to play Holi but don’t know its many other names? Learn with us!

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Love to play Holi but don’t know its many other names? Learn with us!

New Delhi: Holi is the festival of colours and is one of the most popular Hindu festival which is played all over India on the next day of the full moon of Phalgun month every year. As Holi is celebrated across India, it gets its local name in different parts of the country. So, do you know what Holi is called in different parts of the India? If not, then let’s learn about it with us-

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The people living in the north-easter state of the country, Assam, call Holi as ‘Fagua’ and they celebrate it for two days. A day before Holi, they burn hut made of clay. People in Bihar and Jharkhand also celebrate Holi for two days and call it ‘Fagua’. Holi in Bihar begins with Vasant Panchami.

Ukkuli or Sigmo

Holi, when reaches to Goa it becomes ‘Ukkuli’ or ‘Sigmo’. Here the celebrations last for one month during the spring days. Many cultural programs are organized on this occasion and people in large numbers participate in the celebrations.

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Hola Mohalla

Not only Hindu but Sikhs also celebrate Holi, but they call it ‘Hola Mohalla’. Their religious Guru, Guru Govind Singh named Holi as ‘Hola Mohalla’ and on this occasion, Sikh’s remember him and try to follow in his footsteps.

Lathmar Holi

Uttar Pradesh has a unique way to play Holi and it is known as ‘Lathmar Holi’, where women beat their man with sticks. Especially in Barsana, Mathura, the birthplace of Radha Rani, ‘Lathmar Holi’ is celebrated with pomp.

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Dol Jatra

‘Dol Jatra’ or ‘Dol Purnima’ is being celebrated in West Bengal, Odisha and Assam. Dol Purnima is also known as Phalguna Purnima in many parts of the country. Falling on the Full Moon day in the month of Phalgun or spring season, ‘Dol Jatra’ marks the triumph of good over evil, with vivid colours and dance and music. On this day, Bengali women wear traditional saris and worship Radha Krishna ji. After this, the ‘Dol Jatra’ is taken out in which a large number of people take part in this procession.

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