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Lucknow: Bank cashier hangs self in hotel room due to financial loss

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Lucknow: Bank cashier hangs self in hotel room due to financial loss

Lucknow: A bank cashier of Sultanpur’s Grameen Bank, Abhishek Pandey (27) committed suicide in a guest room located in Hazratganj area after suffering financial loss in an investment scheme, as per reports.

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The 27-year-old, had come to Lucknow at 8 pm on Friday night and booked a room at the Sri Ram Krishna Guest House on Park Road with the intention of committing suicide. He also had brought a rope of nylon to hang.

As per hotel staff, at the time of checking-in Abhishek had filled out his check-out time at 10 am on Saturday but when he did not check out until 10 o’clock on Saturday morning, the waiter knocked the room. After so many failed attempts to get the locked door opened, the waiter informed the reception in-charge Rajesh Shukla, about the incident. When Rajesh peeped inside from a vent on the door, Abhishek’s body was hanging from the noose with the help of a fan.

Soon after, Shukla informed the police of Hazratganj. On information, the police team reached the spot from Narhi police post and broke the door and recovered the body of Abhishek hanging from the noose.

As the police officials looked for any documents or ID on Abhishek, his Aadhaar card, several documents were found along with a five-page suicide note in his purse. On the basis of the documents, the police called father Jitendra Pandey and informed about the suicide.

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Abhishek was married to Sultanpur resident Juhi one and a half years ago. The emotional suicide note was written for his wife Juhi, in which he had talked about the love he felt for her.

According to the police, Abhishek had also drunk before Suicide. A glass of wine is found in the room.

As per reports, Abhishek had invested a large amount of money to double the money and for this, he had also invested money of his relatives but instead of reaping any profit all his money went into loss, causing him mental trouble.

Abhishek’s mother, father, brother Sujit and wife Juhi all work in banking sector, while, his sister-in-law Vibha Naib is a tehsildar. Abhishek wrote a suicide note in everyone’s name. Apologising to his mother, he wrote that she should adopt Juhi, and get her married to someone. Apart from this, he also sought apologies from his brother and sister-in-law.

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