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Maharashtra govt announces night curfew, weekend lockdown amid Covid scare

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Maharashtra govt announces night curfew, weekend lockdown amid Covid scare

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government after commencing a state cabinet meet on Sunday announced new restrictions including a night curfew and a “strict lockdown” over the weekends from Friday 8 pm to Monday 7 pm amid surge in coronavirus cases.

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The rules, which will come into effect from tomorrow, include a curfew from 8 pm to 7 am; a ban on gatherings of five or more throughout the day; malls, restaurants and bars will be closed; home delivery and essential services will be allowed.

The new Corona guidelines include:

-Crowd control in vegetable markets will be introduced.

-Industrial operations and construction activity will be allowed.

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-Film shoots will be allowed without crowds but theatres will be closed.

-Everything except essential services will be closed on weekends.

-There will be no new restrictions on traffic but public transport will run at 50 per cent capacity.

Today, on Sunday, state Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray led a cabinet meet to discuss the situation, two days after he said he could not rule out a second lockdown to combat the spike in coronavirus cases.

To note, Maharashtra is one of the worst affected state in the country, which on Saturday alone reported nearly 50,000 new cases- around 60 per cent of all cases reported from across the country on that day. On Friday the state reported around 48,000 cases.

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Meanwhile, state capital Mumbai reported over 9,000 cases on Saturday – the most in a day since the pandemic began in December 2019. Whereas, on Friday the city reported over 8,800 new cases.

One of the biggest cities in the state, Pune, has also reported alarming figures; on Friday the district administration ordered a 12-hour night curfew and the shutting down of shopping malls, religious places, and hotels and bars for a week, as well as that of public buses.

According to the centre, eight of the top 10 worst-affected districts in India are from Maharashtra.

The continuing spike in cases has led to Maharashtra being identified as a state of “grave concern” by the centre, which has rushed teams of medical experts to the state.

Meanwhile, where Mr Thackeray has called for a state cabinet meet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also holding a meeting with top government officials in New Delhi, to discuss Covid situation in Maharashtra and the country.

The centre has already asked states to take strict measures to enforce Covid-appropriate protocols, including the use of face masks and maintaining social distance. T

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The government also blamed growing laxity in implementing the safety measures for the current spike in Covid cases, however, scientists have pointed to the proliferation of mutant strains.

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